And some thoughts once again

We took a little break from pvp after 5 years since it has gotten so pointless to play. We returned to it just the other day and noticed that it doesn’t interest us at all anymore. The biggest issues are the harvest rates and the endless flow of materials, gear and resources that you needed to actually play for before all of these changes. Now you just run straight from the desert and get explosives, katanas, armor, materials and other stuff that you shouldn’t get until later. And the amounts you receive… Nonsense.

The game is getting easier and easier, it just doesn’t offer any challenge anymore. What i personally want from the games i play is the feeling of achievement, having to play to get things and to be rewarded after investing time in the gameplay. Now it just isn’t there. To mention few of the issues:

-Harvest rates on official pvp

-Thrall breaking times are ridiculous, you don’t need to consider when and where you start the process since it’s over in an hour. This has also made taskmasters meaningless.

-The concussion damage player deals is too high, you can knock out T4 thralls with the iron truncheon without a problem and that’s just not the way it should be. Also the purple lotus orbs are a joke, just throw 3 and you knock out a named thrall without any effort.

-The creatures, world bosses and such are a complete joke these days.

-You can get stuff like religion knowledges all around the map as drops when previously you had to go to a specific location to learn them or buy them with points. Same goes with the gear you used to get only by crafting them in the altars after gathering religion-specific resources. Now they drop left and right.

-The new attribute system forces you to pick the specific perks if you want to stand a chance in combat against other players, otherwise it’s too unbalanced. And this may come as a shock to some people but not everyone want’s to play like that. Of course you should have a small advantage with the combat-specific perks but it’s just ridiculous at this point.

-The quickfooted perk makes the climbing gear meaningless. Although to be fair they have been meaningless for a long time with the gliding joints or even with the basic flexibility kits, but still. One more thing.

-The food you get from the chests makes learning recipes meaningless. You get every kind of feasts and foods that give you every buff you might think of as loot, so no need to search for the recipes. Great way to diminish the gameplay once again.

-The climate-specific armor isn’t needed anymore which is stupid. You can run around with the same set no matter if it’s cold or hot. With a couple of small ecxeptions, of course. There used to be a time when i had to go and learn a recipe for an armor that would allow me to move around in the cold but that’s history. Now you can go up north naked with the food you get as drop if you don’t have anything else. No need to learn the recipe even for that.

There are so many other things as well but while i was listing those i got once again so disgusted with the state of the game that i’ll finish here. The point is that everything that was interesting in the game and in pvp has been taken away. Where’s the idea if you just get everything handed out to you instantly?

I’m moving on to Lego Fortnite, even that game is more challenging.


I think a dent was made in it being harder.

4x is a good balance point for official pvp.

I haven’t seen people break tier II and III any faster. It’s harder because the extra bits from berserkers can balance on this much (extra time it takes). So maybe I’m saying there was a balance here being overlooked

I stopped reading there. :thinking: :popcorn:

I agree with most of your points and the end result is the game lacks meaning. For me the most important problems that rob the game of any meaning:

  • the game is buggier than ever
  • the design of the game has lost any sense of coherence or logic

In a world where nothing works and nothing makes sense, how can anything matter? Ever since Age of Sorcery the designers have been steadily chipping away at everything in the game that gave the world a sense of purpose, gameplay a sense of gravity, and the effort-reward balance a sense of achievement. With AoW chapters 2 & 3 an absolutely heroic effort was made to smash every little bit of the game that remained to bits and now there’s really no point in playing anymore.

To be fair, you have some very valid concerns.

This is interesting because it actually affects more than just those servers. Its quite common for harvest rates to be elevated. And while I don’t like to tell people how to run their servers, as there can be a reason to jack this up depending on what the intent is… but for servers that intend to give a more vanilla experience. This needs to be set to 1.0

The reason being is adjusting harvest rates has consequences on other systems. Repair and building costs revolve around basic harvest rates, and become trivial when its even at 2.0. Durabilities and their relationship with logistics of repairs is also affected. To gain 10,000 stone takes a certain number of hits at 1.0, half that at 2.0 and so forth.

I’m going to go a bit further than the point you made since its related. But experience rates are also a bit of an issue. Now personally, I’d like to see levels removed entirely, and you gain attribute and knowledge points directly from journey steps. But this isn’t the thread for that, and the system is still built on a linear leveling progression, so we’re going to stick with that for this discussion.

With that said, I have played at 0.1x experience and it feels way better than 1.0 or higher. The reason being is you get enough iron before you’re level 10 to use it. When you reach level 30, you have enough steel for it to be useful. Right now when you hit 30, you’re barely in iron level gear and you’re scrambling to get enough resources to use steel. You’re level 50 by the time you can really make use of steel and pretty much just need to convert it to hardened steel. You don’t really ‘live’ at any of the lower tiers, they exist simply as sinks for knowledge points and not much else.

When you play at 1.0 harvest and 0.1x experience, then it feels a lot more like the survival game of 2017-2018 some of us remember. Not quite there, but its much closer then one might think.

I do agree that some of the concussive health (or the damage we deal) probably needs an adjustment. Authority and concussive damage stats are kinda not needed for thralling and if our damage and their concussive health were adjusted these stats and attributes would be more desirable for that style of play.

On the thrall times, I’m kind of on the fence about this. I want taskmasters to be useful, but I also do not wish to be tethered to an area while a thrall breaks. I do wish the times were a bit more on a curve. Like T1 thralls makes sense to be broken near instantly. And if someone wants a cheap budget army quickly, then let them. But as you go up it should get quite a bit more extensive.

I would even require higher taskmasters to get benefits. For example if you use a T1 Taskmaster to break a T4 thrall, it would barely adjust the time if at all. T2 would adjust it maybe by 5%, and T3 by 10%, but a T4 taskmaster would do the full 50%. Same thing for others if you use a lower tier taskmaster than the thralls you’re breaking take longer based on the difference. But there’s also a slight bonus when using a higher tier taskmaster.

I think this would make high tier taskmasters incredibly valuable. But same tier would be capped at 50% rate. So 30 minutes for T4 breaking a T4 instead of 24 minutes.

Some things may have had their health adjusted too much (like Corrupted Wolves) but over all I think the health of things was a good direction. Some fights just dragged on for too long and it wasn’t fun. With that said though, the AI needs a major overhaul.

The way animals and monsters fight is they have different weapons they randomly swap to. Like the Red Mother for example has a weapon for her bite, her ground pound, tail swipe, and firebreath. We don’t see these (unless there’s a bug, then they show up as little bags called xx_something). And the problem is they choose these kinda of randomly or follow a rotation. Makes them very predictable and not very dynamic.

What needs to happen is they choose which attack to do based on context. Like if you’re behind the red mother, she should never try to simply turn and firebreath. But instead should go to tailswipe. When there is only one person and they are in front, she should stick to biting and firebreath. And when multiple people are around her, she should favor tailswiping (with maybe a cooldown since tailswipe spam would be obnoxious).

Also NPCs should be given a means of ranged attacks for those threats that like to stay at range or try to climb away. For example human NPCs should have some sort of throwing item or bow, or even rocks. Red Mother could get another weapon attack that snorts a fireball (like the snot missile in Dragonheart).

I’ve been told there is a system in the files already for something of this nature. So it might be something we see in the future, if implemented well this could help with this issue greatly. The less we can cheese fight NPCs, the better the game will feel.

Religion needs an overhaul badly. But I’d like to see characters be restricted in what they can use. For example if you choose a religion when you start. That is your religion. You can’t use other religion altars or equipment (with the exception of consumables, to facilitate trade). If you want to switch, then you need to do a little ‘quest’ for a religion trainer. You can switch as often as you’d like, but you’d have to pay for the switch and travel to the locations each time.

And of course if you pick Crom as your religion at the start, you can get a bit of a bonus to your attributes or stats for as long as you don’t pick a religion. Once you do, that bonus is lost forever. As Crom does not listen to prayers.

And finally, religious altars would have a greater exclusion zone to one another. Those all would be the mechanical differences to how it works now in how I think they should be revamped. Obviously need a more extensive item pool for each one as well as some relgion specific additions to sorcery. Then some altar buff rituals that affect the area around them, giving boons to allies, hexes to enemies, and etc. Stuff that would aid in purges, or even sieges as you could build a different altar to help in assaults. But all this would require basically an Age of Faith, which we kind of all know will eventually come, if not right after Chapter 4 is done.

I don’t really have an opinion on this as I don’t do as much climbing as I used to. Once you’re established the climbing you need to do is minimal outside of PVP. But I never really bothered to use climbing gear in PVP. Even 6 years ago before we had the kits.

The quickfooted perk is problematic on its own. Agility gives damage AND movement boosts which I think should be redesigned or moved to Grit. I do think quickfooted is going to get gutted at some point. Its been on the radar for some time.

Food is one of those systems that needs a revamp. They did a good job at making it useful, but it needs a complete overhaul in how it works. The way it should work is recipes with ingredients that are easy to get should give only minor bonuses. Foods with ingredients from more and more sections of the maps should give higher bonuses. This isn’t something that can be done in one sitting, as there is a crazy amount of recipes. But even still, while I don’t expect it to be in a hotfix, it should still be considered.

I don’t mind this to an extent. I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild lately, and it pretty much has a system where the foods you find in an area correspond to that area to let you survive a bit easier. But you’ll still need the specific armors to go to the deepest parts.

I’d like to see the maps get a bit of a temperature and difficulty overhaul on this. We have four tiers of thralls. Well I’d like to have four tiers of difficulty on the map. And each tier corresponds to the type of loot, treasure and thralls you find. With tier 1, you wouldn’t need much equipment at all. Basically stone. Tier 2 would likely need some form of armor and better weapons to fight stuff, you wouldn’t need much temperature resistance here, just don’t be naked (hotter areas would damage naked in the day, colder damage naked in the night).

Tier 3 is where you’ll need specific armor to survive in the biome and potentially need buffs from food on top of that depending on the time of day (colder at night, hotter in the day). Then tier 4 you need the best resistance armor and food buffs just all the time, limiting your time spent here. But of course this is where the best loot and thralls will be. You’d still be able to get T4 thralls in T2-T3 areas but less common (maybe 1% chance to spawn like now… but 5-10% in the T4 areas at specific locations).

Many of the issues here are pretty systemic to the game. Fortunately FC isn’t above shaking up the foundations of the game to fix them. I know many don’t like the current combat system for example. But the same thing was said about many of the systems changed up in Age of Sorcery and that turned out to be quite good after all the kinks were worked out.

Any of these issues being fixed is going to have growing pains, it doesn’t mean they should be left as is, IMO. The latest chapter in Age of War has some major issues to it, but it does fix a few fundamental flaws that were systemic to the game. Once those issues are ironed out, it will be an improvement over what we had before.

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