What do I badly need (very badly)

  1. Resurrection altar. Why? Because I don’t have time to level up my thrall/fighters every day from scratch due to arena champion 3 shoted, huge snake poisoned to death etc.
    It was really huge and painful fun breaking kick in balls for me when I lost my level 20 Tarman in a Serpent boss fight.
  2. Base/transportory stone teleportation spell. Why? Because I can just die somewhere, appear at my bed and summon my corpse via altar. Same result but with many useless additional actions.
  3. Some kind of dark souls like checkpoint lanterns in dungeons. Start from the beginning of the dungeon after death with all mobs reappeared and companion fighter stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere is not funny at all. Instance must be instance with full reset only after re-entering it.
  4. Golems must be repairable with high end hammer. It’s another pain in butt to farm insane amount of resources/parts to build a new one. Especially blood crystals.
  5. Sorcery attributes tree. It would be really cool to have some additional amazing perks and skills

See, this is the problem with the current gaming community.

Everything should be made easier and easier accessible etc.

If you don’t like the vanilla game, which is already very easy, use mods in singleplayer or host your own server with your own settings.

  1. Thralls are expendable. You don’t want the loss, don’t take them and prop them up somewhere to look pretty.

  2. To easily abused in PvP and not necessary as you said, there is an alternative method that isn’t complicated

  3. The only dungeon I see this as valued is War Maker as there is significant issue if you die after one check point…but it was greater storytelling afterwards so even that gets a shrug, because there was an entertaining time around it.

  4. Not able to be healed is a defining characteristic of golems. They aren’t robots, they are spirits possessing a life-size doll. There is so much lore/occult metaphysical stuff wrapped into this that it’s not just no, if you try, you should be torn apart as you just released the spirit from the contract and therefore lost control of the situation. Also this request leads me to suspect who is behind this account.

  5. The gave us new attribute leveling system just a year or so ago. I agree we need to see more corrupted attributes defined but what you are asking for Bryan isn’t in the cards for a bit


I noticed two small things in the replies below the original post.

  1. Mods don’t always make it easier - there are those that make the game harder too. So to imply that mods automatically make things easier is wrong, and an old generalization.

  2. Why is it so important to balance around PvP all the time? How many do actually still play PvP?
    My impression isn’t that many, not on official servers at least.
    I don’t know a single CE-player that does it, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about cheaters and abusers in PvP over time, and even the regulars on the official Discord channel seem to mainly play PvE or PvE-C - not PvP.
    Seems like unless you play on a private server with active and honest moderation, going into PvP is for masochists, due to the plethora of issues.

For thralls to be expendable, they would have to level up much faster. You don’t spend hours leveling a thrall, giving it potions tedious to craft so it gets good perks, craft it high end gear, give it top tier weapons for it to be expendable.

What’s going on with thralls is among the stupidest game design decisions I ever saw, only surpassed by the changes to pets, that are complete trash. Besides, for them to look pretty you would have to be able to customize them in the vanilla game. Pretty thralls in the wild aren’t common.

All in all, it’s too much hassle for something you see as expendable. There’s a total incoherence about thralls and their role from the devs. They don’t seem to decide once and for all what thralls should be. Their current state is kind of pathetic.

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I kind of agree. I’d rather they increase the max level of thralls (and pets) to 30 or 40, for example - make them stronger at those levels.
So if you as a player invest a lot of time into levelling one to the new max (and yes, it should take a lot longer), and you also invest into authority - it should be a semi-viable gameplay option.
AI will obviously still be “stupid” and players can abuse them to a certain point, but like you implied, right now they don’t feel like they can come even close to a max str/agi/vit player build. And pets (due to the famous nerf) are even worse off.

The problem is their AI. It’s very limited. If they can’t improve it, they must make them more resilient. We should have less, but much more competent followers. I would prefer having the max limit cut in to a quarter and have thralls half as smart as skyrim or fallout followers. Those we have are ljust a notch above mannequins. :grinning:

Actually I do however I don’t see the pain the same as you do. 3 to 4 hours to level to 20 that can be split up. While leveling, weapons can be found in UC. Armor is just perfected heavy. Doesn’t matter what thrall. With t4 armorer, 20% bonus to any damage. Crafting time is 10 minutes. Reroll potions is as needed but pretty easy to make. Do war party and you can do 2 at a time. Zerkers are 100% Spawns in Mounds.

Now if your game involves finding that perfect thrall, then obviously you won’t risk those but if they all are, then you are SOL. This game requires things to die.

“This game requires things to die.” May I ask you why and for what? For constant repetitive actions and time sink? Go get your favorite thrall again, level him up, gear him up, die together, repeat. Do you know that many years ago scientists proved that the more high person’s IQ the more fast person getting tired of routine?
My IQ is not that high, but I’m getting tired and bored of repetitive actions very fast.
I admit that many young people playing this game without lack of time in theirs lives, but also there are many adult people who working, have family, gym, hobby etc. and they just not enjoying wasting time for something they’ve already done yesterday and day before yesterday without any actual game progress.

Viable adrenaline and subsequent endorphin release. You don’t get that in a risk free environments which is what you are wanting. Even in a low risk environment, say 5% chance of getting overwhelmed, you got 20 runs before you get owned and have to pay up, statistically.


That’s why thralls have tiers. Those you use as cannon fodder shouldn’t be t4s.
T4s should be tough as nails. Harder to find, harder to capture, harder to level, with a cap of 10. Those would be our elite core. The others are good to go.
My point stands, @erjoh . Thralls are too much of a hassle to be expendables. Feel free to differ, but IMO that’s poor game design.

End game mats and thralls need end game risks. If the content doesn’t risk the end game stuff and thralls then you will alawys win.

even though i am an almost pure pve player, the main reason that the need to balance is almost always around pvp is that if lets say golems give an advantage in pve it will be against npc’s 99,9% of the situation… in pvp on the other hand its against other players. so whatever is imbalanced will be reported way more frequently.

the best way is to have seperate settings for these mods , but devs already tried it and ended up with some dead servers…

so its not about pvp… its just pvp players that report it due to the fact that they many times being subjects to abuse from other players when something is imbalanced.

edit: to also participate in the topic this game needs a couple of things , but most needed thing is PROPER policing of the servers. and ofc a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on the way the current ban system works… (no warning, abuse of reports, exclusion from games , etc…)

I really have to disagree with you here. They’ve made thralls fantastically easy to obtain and “craft”, and even leveling them is no big deal if you know how to do it (hint: the jungle and world bosses). I guess you could argue that getting the “right” stats is a timesink, but min/maxing is not something you really need to do, it’s more of a “want to do” kind of thing.

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But that’s the problem with every game. It gets worse, not better, if you have no risks for the actions you take.

Hasn’t Funcom already talked about how they’re looking to implement a “knocked down” mechanic where thralls aren’t immediately gibbed when they reach zero health, and you’ll have an opportunity to heal them and get them back on their feet?

You’re preaching to the choir. There’s not much I ignore about thralls.
I disagree with your opinion, but that’s fine.

I will like that even less.
You see, I don’t mind losing thralls, as long as it is in an epic battle. Losing them because their AI is terrible is what ■■■■■■ me off. As the AI won’t improve, and they tried as they could with very little success, the only option is making high tier thralls more resilient. It’s not ideal, but it works. I would place a lower cap on t4 fighter thralls and make them harder to obtain, not by lowering their rng spawn rate, but placing them in hard zones or as a prize for doing the hardest content the game offers. You couldn’t catch the old berzerker in the lake, like evetyone does at any level. It would take effort. I would also change the leveling system so the attribute rolls would reflect the type of training we gave them at each level, etc. But that’s all a pipe dream. So, I would settle for higher resilience, even if what I truly want is different altogether. Less, but better.
Right now, thralls suck both for pve and pvp, which is a shame…

I guess that really depends on what you want out of your thralls. If you want an “AI companion” on your adventures, then yeah, they’re not anywhere near that. If you want a meatshield who can take the big hits, defend your base (and optionally carry stuff for you) while you stab enemies with the pointy end, they can do that fairly well.

Thralls are fantastically better now than what they were like in past years. That said, I don’t see them integrating any kind of adaptive AI into a 6-7 year old game engine.

There’s a system coming in the future that will allow players to revive downed thralls.

Sounds like the game needs more of a death penalty. Maybe the loss of experience and with it loss of attribute points and knowledge points when levels are lost.

Dungeons already have checkpoints.

Sounds like you prefer thralls, maybe use those instead?

When you level up your sorcery enough you can make these consumables that allow you to add corrupted attribute points for new perks.

That is taking what they said out of context. They suggested that if someone wants the game easier they can change settings or use mods. Being as there is mods that change the game to be easier in a myriad of ways, what they said was NOT false, nor did they say or imply all mods do this.

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