It's Been a Few Days, So Here is My Personal Recap

I am not here to discuss any Youtube videos. I am not compensated by Funcom in any way. I have 6000+ hours in this game on console (PS4/5), and I have had to make many changes over the years for many updates. I remember when we had hundreds of no level thralls that were replaced by the leveling system. I remember all the weapons that got killed because of complaints on the forums. I remember the old unnamed city. The more dangerous one with two green dragons near the obelisk, and five king scorpions roaming around. I remember when you had to be really careful what armor you wore in the volcano, and in the frost giant palace, because temperature changes were no joke, and I would change clothes with my thrall to go from one extreme to the other.

This is personal opinion.


  • The thrall/NPC damage is high, but combined with lower health it seems to even out. We had a Silent Legion purge in the volcano. Placed 5 thralls from storage (RHTS, Devotees, Erii). All level 0, no armor, and stock weapons. The purge didn’t even get close. 8 waves wiped out.
  • Aggro is reduced range. It helps with lower health thralls, but I practically have to tap them on the shoulder to engage. As it is, I can 1 shot numerous enemies before they know I’m there.


  • Not yet a fan of the treasure transportation system. I have seen multiple clans carrying large treasure back slowly to their bases. The clan mates are usually running interference. While that is the way some people are going to have to do it, I can’t imagine a PvP server having a lot of fun with it, what with just following them back to their maybe hidden base and all.
  • The visual glitches are frustrating. Elephants not visible, Bearers with wire frame backpacks, and Golems stuttering about are obnoxious.
  • Reduction of XP for leveling Thralls is a bit much. It takes way more time to get them to 20 than before. I have 4 routes that give lots of XP, so I have noticed that skeletons and gorillas give less than half as much. Yes, we kill them a little faster, but it’s too much. Less time to break them, more time to make them.
  • What do we do with Sorcerer skulls. I used the Obulus coins to buy fighters to stock at bases to set out during purges. I guess I can build up the fodder with the faster wheel times.
  • Boss Health - I’m talking crocs, spiders, etc., here. It’s way too easy, but it did have me running around naked again with stone daggers, so maybe it’s a plus?


  • Treasure. I like the treasure room. It’s nice. I am intrigued by how it will work with Stygian purges in Chapter 2. Are they just coming at your coffer? It seems so.
  • The thrall changes are enough that you can no longer just let them do all the work. The last update reduced them from their previous never die status, but this one makes it where you have to join the fight, or lose a thrall. I remember when we couldn’t level them, they had no perks, and if we wanted them to wear Silent Legion, they looked like they were wearing Silent Legion, and not a skimpy dancer skirt. I also, as stated, have quite a few years in this, so we have a thrall storage room with hundreds of fighters/crafters.
  • Weapon repair. I may be in the minority, but I do remember using an Aja’s Bane until it broke, and dropping it on the ground because we couldn’t fix it, and we had no dismantle bench. The additional durability is good. The possibility that you can’t completely repair a weapon or armor adds to the realistic component. I do like it.
  • Stamina. Hoo boy, I will get letters. Bottom line, the stamina change has affected my fighting style in zero ways. When we all went to PvP, we used our PvE arena to fight and train. As a consequence, we all got really good at it. I have never been a heavy-heavy-heavy-heavy, combos are the best, type of fighter. I prefer quick light attacks. “It takes longer”. And? I like being able to run and have stamina regen quickly. I can dodge and thrust, and have my stamina back in half the time. So, I really like this change.

I now yield the floor for everyone to tell me how wrong I am. I’ll just be killing something with low damage weapons for fun.


Put them in the recycling bin and they become bone.

To follow up,
and while this one is not a huge fan of the update…

The Good:
The story.
Conan crushed the magic snake cultist about to sacrifice the princess. This is very appreciated. It may be a small thing to many, but it feels good. This one’s only regret is that we had no option to do so ourselves.

The loading screens now give new useful info about temperature management and Equine endowment.

On PS4 potato only,
This update is working very smoothly.
This one understands it has been very rough for others and sympathizes.

Dragonbone gear
Sunder is such a great debuff. This one is elated to see Dragonbone get it.
Detraction point, the list of Dragonbone Weapons has not expanded, an addition of a claw or actual katana or Shortsword would have been nice.

Are the piglets new?
This one does not recall seeing them wandering around the over world before.
They are so cute!

Certain items bow stacking to much higher volumes is much appreciated.

This one approves of more damage less HP for bosses. Perhaps more tinkering is required to get it to the sweet spot, but this seems like the right direction.

Enemy Weapons
Huzzah! Not every Sorceror is an acrobat using twirly knives.

Repair kits
Overall, this is great. In the field fixes that erode overall durability no longer tier gated but instead having better effect. This one likes this in general.

The Meh
Black Ice Weapons
They are weaker than the Hardened Steel Weapons they are made from. The list did not expand. Very sad.

Obsidian Weapons
They add unstackable bleed. That is less impressive than decent stats would be.

Grey One Weapons
Lower stats, no stamina surcharge, better weight and durability. They are ok, they lost their niche but are more utile for the Exile to actually use. Neutral exchange

Mad Prophet gear
Is there any way to acquire this in game anymore?

Weapons in general.
This one had hoped that we would have seen Punch Knives/Claws finally get a star metal tier that is not paywalled. Likewise this one was hoping for more expansion of those dual weapons with craftable paired swords and axes in Iron (stone for axes) thru Starmetal tier. Also, please at least put the crossbow back in the admin panel Age of War would be an excellent time to roll out the expanded arsenal.
Hope is the path to disappointment.

Respec Pots
Yellow lotus was not fixed, instead, it was remade into a less lore friendly stamina pot. Atavist respec potions are easier to make. This is a neutral exchange. It solves the game side of the problem but in a somewhat inelegant way.

Pet Stats
Weren’t those going to get further development? It would be a very good time for that…

Legendary weapons
They tend to have better stats.
They are not repairable, thus forcing engagement with the RNG cycle.
This one dislikes the unrepairable bit.
However, this one does not want them to be easy to repair.
Suggestion: Specialized Legendary repair kits which requires material from 7-10 other legendaries throw into the recycling bin. The Knowledge to craft them would be locked behind level 60.

The What the Cluck
Enemy AI
Leash/Aggro distance is much too short. This overcorrected on an issue and now is possibly worse than the previous problem of enemies following you all the way home.

Heroic Treasure
Escort quests suck.
Walking at a slow pace unable to take action is tedious.
They aren’t even worth that many treasure points.
In a game where we can tuck a full grown elephant up into our cloaca and not be impeded, we have to carry a moderate size item by hand and are hobbled while doing so? No. Bad. Not fun, not exciting, not consistent with the rest of the game.
This mini game does not fit.

This one is getting used to the new Stamina management system. This one does not prefer it to the previous one. That is personal taste.

Overall, this one sees more missed than achieved opportunities and has a less than positive opinion of the update. If this one were impacted by the inability to connect to live services kerfluffle, this one would instead be seething with hatred and rage at the update. As is, this one feels it’s back to the old loot cycle of the same old camps with only slightly different enemy placement. The slow walk only mini game for no purpose (yet, but wait 3 months) is uninspiring drudgery.


What you have said is true. I will grant you that. However why can’t you just play this game to enjoy it. No game is perfect. And no player is perfect. My husband and I have played this gamel since it first came out and i m still yelling at it. So just enjoy and be at peace.

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No, but they only spawn in a couple places.

Still trying to track it down but I believe it was a bazaar armor. Mad Prophet Armors (Knowledge) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki Other wise I’m not sure why it says it’s craftable.


Isn’t that part of the game :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I like most of the Age of War, however, I don’t like the reduced XP to leveling thralls, the reduction in health was too much, and their ability to heal should also be increased. Yes, its easier to break a thrall in a wheel (a good thing), but it takes much more time to level them up and they die so easy now. Its too much grind for ‘disposable assets.’ If they are going to die faster now (less health and healing), then they should be leveled faster, too (XP increases, not decreases).


That would be so very strange.
Free to acquire thru play during one era, for sale in the bazar the next?
This one had expected that it would be like Skelos Master Cultist and be available for learn later on. But if it is a few seasons later, that is reasonable.

Was told it’s in the devkit but not available in game… yet. So ya that was your shot at some eh but looked nice armor.

My experience thus far has been as follows.

I log into game and immediately head to the dead mounds to test my current build to see if it needs adjustments for the new systems. My current build is Vit, Grit, and Agil at max 0 in any other stats no corruption. My gear is full set of Cimmerian heavy armor with weight reduction mods and Daggers of Dagon with grandmaster weapon fitting. I cleared the entire mound in 2 min and 30 secs. I then ran north and killed 2 sabers with 2 light attacks, 3 mammoths with 3 light attacks each, and 4 wolves that I had’t realized were under the mammoth.

My conclusions.
1.Thralls and pets have become pointless and a waste of time to procure as they are just in the way and die too easily against players.

  1. PvE combat is way too easy and extremely boring, PvP is heavily focus on skilled PvP. Meaning new players and casual players that don’t have the time and interest to memorize the entire move sets of each weapon type have no chance of defending against those who do.

  2. The new durability system would be good for replayability, however the current state of RNG and the low drop rate of affected items makes it more of a job than being game play.

4.Treasure room is cool, treasure hunt is more work than it is worth.

  1. The bazaar pricing is still too high. The QUALITY of the products are FAR below the pricing. I’m not spending $15 for 3 cosmetic items that don’t actually function as described. For that price I could open a private server for a month or buy dinner for my whole family. I know you guys need to make money but the price of Crom Coins far exceed their worth.

In short great concept but half hearted execution. I’m loving the 3 month update cycles I just IMO think your trying to focus on more content than you can handle in that time frame. Rather than adding 4 new mechanics in ch1 then adding on in the following chapters, focus on one or two and implement completed and fleshed out mechanics with each chapter instead. Or instead increase the chapter lengths to 5 months rather than 3. Don’t get me wrong love what you guys do just seems the quality of what we are getting in game feels incomplete and unbecoming of the talent we all know you guys possess.


Great review.

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I gotta ask - which country you can get a meal for your whole family for $15?

I can even buy a meal for myself for $15.


I live in the US and frequently eat meals that cost $3-5 for myself. It only costs significantly more if I eat frozen dinners or fast food.

Heck the meal I just ate (sausages, perogies, and baked beans) was about $4 total. I decided to treat myself :yum:


You’re not Polish as well, are you? :smirk:


The following may contain an opinion:

The good:

  • Treasure. I love treasure. I particularly love piles of coins. I love the different valuable items I can put on top of the piles of coins. Carrying the heroic treasures was strangely addicting.

  • Running: Thanks to the stamina regen, I can sprint much more than I did before since the time not spent running is shorter.

  • health and damage changes: I feel that pve got easier, and lets face it: Im lazy. I like these changes. On the other hand because of the increased damage I feel I have to be bit more cognizant of my positioning and the state of my thralls, This is also a good thing.

  • Twitch drops: who doesnt like free items?

The bad:

  • After I spent a day exploring and collecting different heroic treasures, next morning they had vanished. Some may have sunk into the foundations, some may have vanished entirely. This greatly affected my enthusiasm about the new update.
  • Light spell does not work
  • Corpse recall does not work. These spells were working before, now they dont. What gives?
  • Nemedian foundation instability issues. Thankfully I was unaffected, but the bug is so devastating to some people I feel I need to list it.
  • Thralls are not able to use the new awesome emotes? What gives? How can I NOT have the “you shall not pass” emote on a thrall guarding my sanctum?!

The meh:

  • Clan emblems. While the idea of clan emblems is good, only handful of starting emblems is kind of like having no emblem at all. Whats the point of a “unique” emblem if everyone has the same? I dont mind here being more emblems behind cash shop or battlepass but give us at least something to begin with! Especially considering the seemingly low quality of them.

  • The stamina changes. Have not affected my playstyle practically at all. Apart from being able to sprint more. Im happy my fully corrupted sorcerer is still able to swing a sword, but at the same time I feel there is barely a change.

  • The battle pass. Having bought and finished the previous battlepasses, I cant help but feel this one is a bit… lacking. Most of it is pretty “low effort” in my opinion, such as the emblems that look like a kid drew them with MS paint at school. Can you at least make the shields and flags have some weathering so it looks like a real shield and flag instead of 8 bit graphics? I cant believe it launched exactly the same as in beta. I thought Funcom was just withholding the lions share of the emblems.


I have to laugh when I see the American fast food ads. “You can get all this for $5!” Here in Australia, you won’t get a damn thing for $5.

I might be able to make a decent potato pancake.


Lol… store bought for me… never learned to cook, but my grandmother left her cookbook and personal recipes with my mom. So… maybe some day? :sweat_smile:


Or my favorite chatting point with my thrall whike runnining unnamed city
…“Hey you wanna help with this Red Dragon? No. He is your friend now. Okay, sorry to bother you Dalinsia.”

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Yep $5 pre-made medium 1 topping pizza’s with 15 bucks I can get 3 and feed me, my wife and my two boys with a few slices left over for breakfast.

Also I live in Texas which has the lowest cost of living in the entire US and no state taxes.

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NPC agro distance is really off. You need to come after each one now to force them to fight you. Half of time they just running away to their posts with health regen, then attack again, running back etc.

Agreed. Especially at lower levels with weaker thralls, its easier than ever to see them die before ever hitting level 10.