Make beating the game rewarding, not punishment

Well, the time has come. I’ve survived. I’ve built. I’ve conquered. Now the only thing I haven’t done is beat the game. PVP has died to a zombie crawl since the servers are empty and I have everything I’ll ever need in game, so its time to win and spend time with my family again lol.

Just one thing, why does winning have to be so punishing? Cant i keep my level at least?


Well, it’s hard lore wise to justify a completely different character knowing everything and having tons of experence right out of the gate. If the game wasn’t level locked than sure you the player could probably come up with some backstory or something for that specific character you make. Since the game is level locked tho (vanilla) you’d gain nothing by “winning” and keeping your levels since you’d be right back were you just left… Just naked, broke and alone.

But lore wise from what i’ve pieced together so far is that once you remove the bracelet with the keystone you’re basically banished from the exiled lands never to return. At least that’s the vibe I’m getting from I think the Archivist say something like “If you remove the bracelet you give up everything the exiled lands have come to provide you” or something like that.

It doesn’t have to be lore based really. And i don’t need to keep my stuff. None of the purchased dlc is lore based, or the Atlantian sword (which needs to be better)

Here’s my suggestion, of which I think everyone could enjoy.
*Reset your stats and Level to one and build a new character

  • Have immediate access to a new and awesome weapon set and gear.

You’d still have to level to build it, have it set up like all of the other dlc gear with a starter set and epic set. Do it in the image of Conan’s own armor, and have the stats all encompassing like the Silent legion armor.

Bam, now you have people playing the game twice through to get the best gear.

#make the Atlantian Sword Great Again

Option. Grant a permanent 5 feat points?

I haven’t tried yet,but plan too tonight, but im pretty sure online pvp official servers your stuff explodes.

I just think it would be wise to create a reward for beating the game the same way other games do, like Dragon’s Dogma. Get a new piece of armor or a new weapon to use for another run through, or to give your clan the edge in battle.

Starting again at lvl 1 doesn’t bother me but losing access to my buildings and items (including some now impossible to get thralls) does.

Maybe having all construction feats unlocked on restart could make it worth while.

Well all, i beat the game and rejoined my clan. Very anti climactic. Just getting back to base put me at level 12 though, so that was neat.

I have all of my old stuff again, and thats cool. I just wish there was a reward for all of that.

Make the Atlantian Sword Great Again

I would be happy enough with the choice of staying in those exiled lands or deleting it with the choice of staying counting as well for the archievement and journey.

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