My suggestion to the project



Dear developers, all of the above is only a vision of how could look interesting game, if the creators of the game it will finish. Here’s what would be interesting to see:

  • The ability to play a character after removing the bracelet. In this regard, add a few exclusive biomes, available only for those who took off the bracelet. In these biomes the most powerful NPC, bosses, and also conditions survival much harder. But the reward there is more, allowing the player to find rare and legendary items.

  • Sleeping system. Any barbarian needs rest after a long hunt. Gives a rapid recovery to health. (like a’ starbound ’ system, the longer your character sleeps the more health is restored).

  • Bodyslides. The ability to change the physique of the character, from muscular to not critically thin. The ability to select the height of the sliders eyes, nose, mouth and chest.

  • The ability to spawn in a specific or randomly located location. It’s kind of an extra mode on server. Will add a new challenge for specially trained players.

  • Add peaceful and hostile NPC-people, including Wanderers and traders. Peaceful NPC you can use for your own purposes, to agree to exchange or to kill.

  • Blocking the impact with a one-handed weapon. Enemy attacks can be stopped with an axe or sword in one hand, but to block the impact will be spent more endurance than when you are holding a shield.

  • Bonuses and buffs depending on the selected race. For example, Cimmerian quite calmly tolerates the heat, but it needs more heat in the Northern lands. Nordheimer calmly tolerates the cold, but he needs to consume more water in a hot climate. Endurance is spent differently depending on the chosen character, climate and conditions.

  • Fracture system. Falling from a great height, your warrior will limp until such time as not impose a tire and go to bed to rest. (And next time think about it before you jump from a great height!)

  • Heritage. “In the harsh universe of the world ‘Conan the barbarian’ every man and woman took what they wanted. And whom wanted”.
    In addition to getting slaves using the wheel of pain the player will be able to have a concubine, for a more rapid creation of new soldiers, blacksmiths and ordinary workers. It looks like re-passing through the wheel of pain, after that the player has a concubine with which through the interaction wheel you can make offspring, which gives a chance to make a special NPC with additional bonuses to health, endurance and craft.
    Used no more than every few game days (or even less), the maximum permissible limit of concubines - 2-3 people.

  • Additional weather phenomena. In addition to the existing climatic phenomena, it would be interesting to see in the game heavy rain, hail, snow storms and meteor showers (in volcanic biome), where each of the effects becomes more frequent if the player is in a certain area. If it’s a jungle it rains often if the desert often there are sandstorms and rain there frequently. Accordingly, the player himself needs for his class to solve - climate in which to live better and safer. (A Cimmerian accustomed to the heat is best left in the desert, and a northerner is best to go North).

  • Fear and courage. When an NPC attacks you or you attack him, at a critical health level he can either continue to fight you or run away to heal his wounds and attack you later. Every living being must have a sense of self-preservation and a survival instinct.

  • Generation of random events in thelands of exiles”. Ranging from a simple finishing of an animal or person accidentally broke his leg and ending with the entry into open conflict between the clans

  • Mini-quests. Peaceful NPC-characters can for you to ask for help to get a specific subject and as a thank you they tell you something will pay back in return. It can be resources or even some object.

  • Local reputation system among NPCs orkarma" (like a fallout) . If you killed several tribes are near you, then all the tribes that appeared then will try to take revenge on you. And if your level is higher than the NPC level, they will try to give up or run away.

  • Enemies become stronger over time. But only those who are defeated by the player. In some regions, after killing a hostile NPC increases their level.

  • Ability to create your own maps. Standard card Conan Exiles amazing and crazy beautiful! But I would like more opportunities for players to create their own maps in the editor and choose the sizes for them.

  • Gladiator arena and fighting pits. Randomly or statically located places on the map, in which any character can participate and at the same time earn experience and monetary reward (not more than once in a couple of days). And when killing bosses, the complexity of which increases with each level, give additional items and even special artifacts. But if you lose the arena will not be available soon, unlike the fighting pits where the skills are tested melee player and that work constantly.

  • Terraforming and mining. The ability to build underground levels and bases, which would be a good shelter from external attacks, while extracting resources and minerals that can only be obtained underground.

  • More varied diet, as well as ways of cooking and crafting. In the inventory you can put a few clams, vegetables and lettuce, with which you can make a large bowl of salad, which will give the food more saturation and a big boost to health and stamina.

  • More traps. For both animals and NPCs and players. Possibility to set traps for small and large animals that could be easily hidden in foliage/ dense vegetation.

  • Scars. After long clashes with enemies on the body individual can remain on the torso in the form of scars. Especially when your character is often beaten with a sword or ax. And arrows leave small marks. Or a separate cosmetic addition to the game in the form of scars, abrasions and dirt on the face.

  • Beards. The player can change the vegetation on the face of his character. Or fouling in real time, where the player will really have to watch himself.

  • Caravans and guilds. Caravans are special goods that accept only coins. And the Guild who pay the player for performing various tasks to search for certain items and killing special creatures. Now gold and silver coins will really seem more popular.

  • NPC clans and the ability to manage them. You can destroy or join someone else’s clan, proving their loyalty and killing representatives of other clans, claiming the leading role of the leader of the camp and the clan at the same time and getting a share of experience to reputation.
    This feature will be especially useful against other players in pvp, organizing between a larger conflict.

  • More NPC management. Fully learned slaves can be ordered to join the squad player, with some limit. First one fighter. Then, if you raise 10 level available for the two fighters, and so on. Ability to give them orders to "follow me”, “attack the target” (NPC runs in the specified direction and goes to attack), “protect position” when the bot protects the object or the player. “Go for supplies” the NPC goes for resources indefinitely. Depending on the level of the slave, a random system is triggered, in which the bot will receive a certain amount of resources based on the General skills of the slave. There will also be priorities in the preferred resources for the player. So you can decide for yourself what you need: food, water, resources for construction, items for alchemy. Also during travel your slave can die, especially if he is small.

  • More RP content. You will not believe, but you have a huge fan base on various roleplay servers. It was so nice to see something else on this subject in the game itself.

This message does not in any way try to encourage developers to any responsibilities.

Also, I would be interested to know what everyone thinks about this? I really like “Conan Exiles” and if all of the above is feasible (or some part of it), the game will be perceived as a simulation of life in Hyboria.

Or the most close to the reality of this universe.


That sleeping system idea sounds awesome. It goes beyond just a simple respawn spot. It could be arranged to apply a “sleeping” both within a very short proximity that doesn’t stack with other buffs.

And an expanded npc squad would be great imo I’d say 4 would be the limit at every 15 levels. It’d get to be to much with more players. (Party size of 5)


It does sound interesting, but…I do not want to spend my game time watching my character sleep.


Yes nice stuffs


So I took the example of the game “Starbound”, where the character does not need a lot of time to sleep. The player sees the animation as a character to go to bed, it takes 15-20 seconds and he has regained his health.

I would… generally suggest developers to change the system of health restoration, so that there was a sense in the variety of treatment. For example, a poultice with aloe will require more time to restore health, but if you use the poultice and at the same time to sleep in bed, the character will receive an accelerated boost to recovery.


out of all your suggestion I really like the bed thing…accelerated hp regen.

To add to it over time your character will tire out… as in every 30 min in real time you gain Exhaust buff in relation to last time you went to bed and each Exhaust buff you receive drain your max stamina pool ,15% stamina drained per buff, once you reach to 5 exhaust buff… you instantly fall to sleep and will not wake up for 30 min. So 30 min x 5 is like what 2.5 hrs of not sleeping in your bed …thats your fault. When you do go to bed before the 5th debuff ticked. it will only take 10 second to remove all the debuff. Do not worry the enemy should not see this debuff ever only you.

During this time you are knocked out and the world around you is dark you can only see around your body… you cannot access to inventory nor a Remove braclet button will light up. even hotbar will not work

And in a stat buff if you get to 30 Stat point in Grits it now takes 7 debuff and reduce the stamina drain by 5%

This is an idea of a thing where It should benefit from playing as intended but severe conquences to those who do not wish to care for their avatar.


I really love the idea of neutral NPC and guilds, it gives the game some more interesting and interactive lore by choosing to maybe side with one neutral NPC faction and killing of another. This also adds some more layers to pvp since certain clans or players might oppose each other killing off their favourite merchant.

Also, the game after removing a bracelet sounds very good too, especially the new biome and new challenges. I would like the dev team to add some more post level 60 gameplay. While I understand that removing the bracelet makes the game finite, but as far as I know there is no real benefit like a new game+ mode that comes with it.

There is one thing that really concerns me though and that is their resources and manpower. I bet they have a lot of ideas of their own that they would like to see implemented first. Hopefully, they will listen to their community and maybe add certain features in the future… :slight_smile:


CE does not have traditional MMO-style quests (Ref: FAQ)
This also indicates that a far more expanded questing system is not exactly planned. They may/fix add a few main quests in the future though.

  • Barbarians = no brains.
  • In Conan The Barbarian the ‘mines’(apparently even lead mines exist in the book) are a punisment of its own. Interesting, but would it add to the gameplay? Looking at other games it may not be superduper exciting, but interesting at least at the start.
    Modifying terrain is useful for reasons…but that would be a big change in the base of the game (but idk, I’m not technical, could ask Scooper)

Ps: These are neutral thoughts. Just a bit of info, but I’m sure some RPers know better than me.


As it stands the map’s terrain cannot accommodate underground building because of the way the team put it together. Would be nice or at least some kind of terrain obect that looks like a hole placing 1-3 thralls gathers resources from inside it. Just like a mine.


That’s why I brought the system from Starbound. The game does not oblige the player to watch the sleep of his character for a long time.:slightly_smiling_face:

I generally think that such a variety will delay the player much longer and motivates further study of the game. For completing quests Guild give the player coins that he can spend buying items from the caravan or use the same volute as a trade with other players, forming its financial market.
Still playing fact more replay value, the player can create the story, giving some direction roleplay.

I’d appreciate any quest system. Even if the quests will be associated with “kill the enemy - bring me resources.” :smiley:


Its okay, on the contrary I was wondering how it might look on the engine of this game. I liked the idea of dungeons, hence the idea of " how would look created by the players of the dungeon if the developers have added such an opportunity." In technical terms, this is certainly difficult to add, but personally I would be interested to explore the map not only from the outside, but also underground.

Well, about a full terraforming to say hardly worth it. This is probably very difficult in terms of implementation and possible load on the server. But it could be limited to the creation of a small mine to conduct or create some mining enterprises. Just like in RTS games, when you send peasants to the mine, and they get you stone and gold. It is possible to bind to NPC management i think.


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