Non-Imbued in Agartha

Under the assumption that only Gaia’s blessed bees were able to enter the Hollow Earth, it is interesting that the faction handlers can traverse the Agarthan wormholes into the New Dawn compound.

I am sure that Geary has at least indicated that she is not a bee, and so I am wondering if there is any other evidence of the non-imbued entering Agartha? and if there are any indications on how this is achieved.

Probably the same way the Phoenicians do it. Beat someone up and steal their Agartha conduit. Once you’re in, just leave through a portal.
(unrelated, it’ll be interesting to see which loops we’ll have to go through to reach the New Carthage exit the agent in Eavesdropping is trying to escape to.)

Jeronimo’s not a bee, just a very lost explorer…

The Stationmaster mentions having seen Queen Victoria and Roald Amundsen both in Agartha. Given the lore you get about Agartha, I believe you only need to be “attuned” to the Secret World.

Warning secret worlder: bring not the uninitiated into Agartha. The resonance here does not match the frequency of their meat. It precipitates a messy discord.

In theory, as long as someone knows about the Secret World and has some degree of understanding of it, they won’t be overwhelmed by trying to comprehend how Agartha works when they enter it.

I think daimon mentions something interesting during rogue agent.
“…before agartha makes a meal out of him…”
If I interpret that correctly he is saying that while prolonged stays in agartha are hazardous, short travels through are not. Same as Wicker talks about hell in I think hell raised turning our blood to I believe iron if we stayed to long

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