What are the bees?

So, I’ve played the game on and off since it launched and I still don’t understand what are the “bees” and how do they get their powers?

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Thanks! but where do they come from? How do the get the powers they have?

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awesome! thanks!

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Ok I tend to think that bees are two things :

  • they are related too Baldr, the north god of light, killed by Loki and who is supposed to come back at the end of time. His tomb is supposed to be a viking ship…
  • they are entities imprisonned in the inbetween dimensions in order to make it stronger (and… protect Gaia when the walls of their “jail” is weakened… )

Baldr :

  • John want to hurt/enucleate us with mistletoe which is the only way to hurt Baldr in north mytho
  • Inbeda mask spoke in nordic language when he met us the first time
  • we make our first step in the Solomon Island by arising through a viking ship, as Baldr would have done once back to life :slight_smile:

Bee : keepers of the inbetween dimensions

  • Bees appeared with Tokyo Bomb
  • all bee win a panoptic outfit in TSW (panoptic is generaly connected to the panoptic prison as if all bee were keeper of a kind of jail…)
  • In Innsmouth Acadamy we learn that walls of the school has been magic reinforced by wall in people (I’m almost sure Kirsten confirmed it was the best way to create strong protection…) after the fog arrived, anima fissures appeared in the walls through which creatures escapes and roams in the school… as the bees are currently doing (as far as I remember the anima craks are similar to our anima well)

I prefer to think of the bees in a more metaphorical way. In the real world, bees are fundamental to life as we know it. Were the bees to become extinct, most life would likely die. In that sense they are a linchpin that holds this world together.

The player characters in the Secret World are ‘chosen’ by Gaia. They essentially become one with and manifest as linchpins of The Secret World. The characters are almost literally demigods, able to defeat death by rising like a phoenix from the very essence of magic/Gaia, the anima wells.


Makes sense, though the Mask trying Norwegian among a few other languages before resorting to “boring” English could just be a nod to the Norwegian player base, they were way over represented back in the day.

Something along these lines.
My thoughts: Looks like earth/Gaia(creation) is basically a giant prison for The Dreamers(destruction) and bees are everlasting maintainers of her engines (as Black-Exalt said bees are fundamental to life as we know it so it’s very good representation of creation itself). They recruit us players to keep the Dreamers at bay since Dreamers are constantly trying to escape by recruiting agents of their own (Mayans, Cult of the Aten, Marquard, etc.)

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