Golems, shems, and shards, oh my

I think I’m the only one who doesn’t understand what is going on with the anniversary event. Is there a link or can someone explain what all is going on lol What do we do with the golems from the gatekeeper raid? What do we do with the shems? I collected 5 of those shard things (whatever they’re called), clicked on them, got a message saying something about a stone shem but there’s nothing in my inventory or pet section. What’s this “happy feet”, “angry feet” event I see people talking about? What about those different shards? I have an ice shard and a couple of other types - are those supposed to be used in the museum? And who/what is “HK” that people are summoning or fighting or possibly taking home to mom to visit?

The hourly golem fights drop 3 things of further use “Animated Particulate” of which you collect 5 and get a minigolem of a golem boss you fought before. Those are called “Shems”.
“Happy feet” is an achievement where a couple of players take out every kind of shem apart from the shem of technology at the portal area for the hub cities and if the instance is not on cooldown (it says your golem doesn’t feel like dancing) they start a dance granting you the achievement.
The other item are shards with a negativ adjective like furious, agitated in their name. Those are arare drop from golem and are used to summon the gatekeeper on the opposite side. Go there click the item and your golem should move into a position given that his specific kind isn’t already there. Once every kind is active the gatekeeper walks into a portal and everyone can go into the instance to fight him.
The 3rd kind of shard are things like ice shard, vulcanic shard, living shard which are used in upgrading parts of the golem wing of the museum.
HK = Hatekeeper a nickname for the gatekeeper.

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Kill golems, get loot.

It really is that simple. You can do the other achievements if you want, but the basic gist of the event is: Kill golems, get loot.

I killed a ton of golems and haven’t gotten one shard for the Angry Feet achievement.

I really hate the way they do these events. I don’t do them on alts anymore, and soon I won’t even do them on my main. I still haven’t gotten the last Lore from them either. I effing hate random crap. It’s an event. The first anniversary no less, let players get the prizes without the aggravation of the randomness of it all.


I’m frustrated by it. Because there are too few people playing the game, the external help is non-existent. I got berated for asking for help (it sounded a lot like the type of person that could have totally done a better job making the Last Jedi). I’m having a hard time following the little directions that are out there to find the lore in Agartha. Something about portals with flags at locations, but I go to those locations, and see no flags sticking out of portals.

I’m resigned to not do the other raid, as I just don’t have any friends and don’t know how to get in a raid to go do that or what is expected of me or all the cryptic ways people call for people to join raids and what not. But that’s okay, I knew I wasn’t going to do that part.

At this point, I think I’m going to ‘try’ to get each of the hourly golem types, and then maybe try to get the legends out in the world, and that is it. I liked Krampusnuts (sp?) much better.

To be fair, this is is a secondary game for me, so I’m really only willing to put so much time into it. I think from that perspective, it’s fine. I will get what I’m willing to play for. :slight_smile: But, it’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing for me. The barriers I feel, with respect to information and people, are what keep this in a ‘second game’ situation for me.

This was not the case in TSW the community was much more involved but this is for a variety of reasons. Firstly the rewards are not very enticing especially for the anniversary event and because of this you will see the endgame “hardcore” players die off and lose interest fairly quickly. By comparison the hatekeeper in TSW had rewards that were highly sought after and therefore the hatekeeper was up constantly sometimes for hours straight. This led to players developing in depth guides and generally more help to newer player as having newer player know how to farm the shards and play the event directly benefited the more “hardcore” players.

The second issue is that all events this far have required very little teamwork from the community. The hourly bosses are timed and require no real strategy, not even a tank really and everything else is beyond player control “behemoth”. There is no hunting in the zones for golems and callouts filling the event channel like there was in TSW heck people don’t even use event channel anymore.


Well, I got the Lore and a shard for GK after killing the noon EST golem. It only took 20+ kills, I lost count. Now the randomness of getting Angry Feet. I tried it just after getting the shard but the portal opened before my instance got all the shards up. Oy, this game sucks if you want to get achievements during events.

Here’s the thing, I don’t mind working for an achievement. Even if I have to repeat a mission, or jumping game, over and over. But when an achievement is linked to a limited availability task, like an event, it irks me. I don’t want to HAVE to do an event every hour, or even every day. I have a LIFE!

31 Golems killed if I did not miscount and no lore #11, not a single golem shard. I thought there was a game director once working for Secret World who said “frustration is not a feeling they like to associate with a game” or something to that effect… I would tend to agree.

To the one above who has no friends: just stick around and every once in a while the Gate Keeper instance is open and anyone can run in and get the kill. Some people call it HK for Hate Keeper I think. That is probably because he is red… :wink:

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A thorough explanation of the event is available on TSWDB as of today! I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I hope it helps.



I see it being used during events, although I think general is used more because a lot of people doing the events just hang out in Agartha since that’s where everything happens, but I know for sure event is being used now because I’ve been asking and answering questions in it. Probably, like most things, also depends on what hours you’re on.

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Thanks all for the feedback. The link was especially helpful. So, for happy feet everyone pulls out their golem pets? And for angry feet you need corruption shards? And why is there an Amalgamated Assault Automaton that assaults other players pets? To make other players angry? What’s the other golem you get from the gatekeeper used for? (My main toon has Assault golem and my alt toon has some other golem which I forget what it’s called). I’m beginning to understand the frustrations everyone seems to be experiencing. I’ve not seen any of the corruption shards or Behemoth. (I hate random events like Behemoth. I’d be curious to know how many people will never get to do that event because they aren’t on line or aren’t in Agartha at the right time). Well, I get free stuff, so I can’t complain too much.

The assault golem is a dev-sanctioned griefing device. While it’s mainly just an annoyance for folks who have their pets out, it can also be used to interfere with at least two gameplay mechanics (although, thankfully, this use isn’t rampant that I know of and I’ve only seen it personally maybe 3 times). While I think it could be fun when used among friends, I don’t think it should interfere with the fun and gameplay of unwilling players, but I doubt they would bother to find a way, or if a way could even be found, to make it optional like LOTRO did with forced interactions after years of complaints and griefing.

Happy Feet is an achievement where all of the Shems are summoned in the Hub platform of Agartha by the Stationmaster. With all of the Shems up, a ritual begins and they do a little dance before granting you the achievement. Happy Feet isn’t tied to the Anniversary event, since while you need Shems to do it, you can do the achievement at any time of the year. This achievement can be found in the Collections > Pets category.

Yes, for Angry Feet, you need a Shard of Corruption. If your Shard is consumed in the ritual, you’ll be granted Angry Feet.

Amalgamated Assault Automaton exists as a way of forcibly removing other players’ pets. Whether people abuse this or not is entirely up to them.

I’m not sure what ‘other golem’ you’re referring to is without a name, but the Shards of Corruption all use golems in their icons. Other golems given during the event are pets.

I think the AAA is used to disrupt the Happy Feet ritual and get the achievement for yourself. Someone had a tech shem out and it just ran around like an idiot instead of disrupting the ritual.

Supposedly, having the tech Shem out running around all jealous grants that player Happy Feet; I’ve seen a few people say that but I can’t confirm it since I don’t have that Shem.

It does; the Tech Shem can be summoned alongside the others for the achievement.

Um, yeah, apparently I’ve been hallucinating again. Checked my alt and, nope, no second golem. I just thought it was a different one. There’s something to be said for senility - I just forget what it is.

The tech shem definitely runs around all jealous during the dance, which imo was more fun to watch than just the dance itself. I’m inclined to think the person who said they got the achievement for that probably wasn’t lying. I mean, nothing to gain from doing so, have they?

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Thank you!

I’ve since changed my mind. I started to figure it out and now I’m having fun and getting lots of new clothes and stuff. :grin:

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