3 shems to go, but it's pretty quiet out there

I personally have 3 shems to go, and I ‘thought’ I was working pretty hard on the achievements so far, but it’s ‘really’ quiet out here. No one asking for shards for the angry achievement or raid. No one saying much of anything. Did everyone play 24/7 and do the little raid like ‘every’ hour for the first 4-5 days? :confused:

I personally am busy with the Megaversity and the nokey weekend…after that I go back to golem farming.

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Many I am sure did complete the stuff they wanted already. The number of people doing the event varies throughout the day. And someone players are running some other thing simultaneously that is spreading us thin at the moment.

I’ve still seen people asking for shards for Angry Feet, albeit not as urgently as before. Where are you looking? Everything seems to be in General, very few people seem to be using Event this time around for whatever reason.

Could be a time zone thing too, though I have been on both during day time and evening hours in my NA time zone.

Hardly any reason to use event in SWL, close to no coordination needed for anything, and it all takes place in Agartha, so no need for game wide communications.

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I’m sure there would be more angry shard/GK groups if the shard droprate was a bit better. I’ve seen plenty of people in game and on discord getting discouraged by shard droprate (seems to be <1%)

I’m currently at 85 golem kills and no shard. I am reaching the end of my patience and will probably call it quits at 100 kills.

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Agree on the angry shard drop rate. I’ve had a total of four - one on each character since the anniversary started. 3 of 4 are agitated, go figure. 3 of 4 are waiting on lore #11 too.

I got everything I wanted on my main, save for logins and probably misc drops. I’ll still do my daily golem+gatekeeper but not with priority.

I am still doing stuff on my 2 alts but if it takes til next year (lore drop, shard golems, etc), that’s fine too.

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I have a couple of shems left to go till i ahve them all, but will still be fighting golems when i can.
Only have one shard for the HK summoning as of yet, but havent been able ti use it as everyone seams to have the tech version. Hopefully will get a few more golems under my belt tonight.

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