Monday morning blues: Please address if 2k shards is what we're supposed to get from Buzzing Hives

Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s buzzing hives gave everyone 2k anima shards. The speculation is wild and some seem very unhappy. So I figure this should be addressed when you get in on Monday (tagging @AndyB).

Is it a bug? Something to do with the extension of days maybe?
Have we gotten all we could get?
Was it intended that we have some “down” days with shards inbetween (past events have had the shards at the end).

We still love you FC



We’ll know for sure tomorrow but I don’t think it’s a bug. The Confetti Trail sprint was the last non-shard item to come out of the hives. Both Samhain and Krampusnacht container rewards ended with sprint effects (Reanimated Steed and Flightless Reindeer).

I think the event may have originally been planned to last 2 weeks. The Buzzing Hives seem to be designed for 2 weeks, like Samhain where 10 out of 14 Jack-O-Lanterns had unique items. Later they probably thought killing 11 Talos on a rotation might take more than 2 weeks for some players with fixed log in times so they stretched out the event to 3 weeks (and then 4 weeks).

on the good side, it helps people to regain shards they used in museum :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a good theory, but I’d still like to know for sure because the answer determines if I can stop killing talos on characters who already have all of the shems and focus on those who don’t.

Can’t you just feel the RAGE building. Think about it.

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Sooo, FC start to hand out “just” shards, players rage, Gaia feel rage, Gaia releases Shem of Rage? o.O


The true way to the Shem of Rage is by becoming salty. We solved it. Quick everyone, channel your inner veteran player.

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Yet the event was announced for June 20th until July 11th, which they then extended until July 17th because bugs and issues with the event. The reward page gives us goodies for 21 days, starting with a shirt and ending with a Signet Fusion Catalyst. But yet it’s been the third day with just shard drops from the beehive which means only 10 days worth of beehive goodies.

It’s weird that the event would run this long just for rewards to end so quickly, unless they have it running this long because of the horribly low drop rates of lore #11 and shards for angry feet. Now, I got super lucky and got the lore and a shard on the very first talos fight of the event but I still have friends who are doing talos fights 3/5 times a day and getting nothing, as well as none of clothing from HK.

IMO 2k anima shards for people who have been playing for the entire year or close to is way to low, it’s basically 2 free empowerments (sad yay)

At least with the halloween and christmas events the game was constantly showering people with cosmetics and what not to use, trade or sell, but this event just feels more like a tedious grind with very small benefits to veteran players and larger benefits to newer players.

The fact that the event was originally stated to run 3 weeks with 21 daily rewards (i.e. no buffer days) means there was some kind of disconnect regarding the duration of the event. Like I said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the hive rewards were originally designed for an event that was going to last 2 weeks.

The Buzzing Hive has 10 days’ worth of additional goodies, after which they provide 2000 Anima Shards per hive.


So the Confetti Trail really was the last item? That’s a bit disappointing for such a long event, but thanks for the confirmation.

I think the shards are there so that people don’t have to play every day. I like how it’s set up to have good rewards up front, then unimportant stuff later. This way it’s not a big deal if people miss some of it.

However, it would be nice if the shard rewards were 20k to help with the infuser. The infuser is kind of weirdly expensive, and it’s not like this event is a shard generator. In fact, overall I’m losing shards with the xp drops.


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