Buzzing Hive (tip for the non-obvious)

So, I thought I’d put a tip to other newish players that may not be that obvious if you are doing the anniversary event in Agartha. If you are wondering what the Buzzing Hives are for, or how to get into them, or what you do with them; I will share some of my own former ponderings. Most of you know you log in to get the hives, it tells you about a certain anima infused effect you need to open them. Simply, wait near the outside of the bank for the portal on the left side if you’re facing near the inner hub area, to fight one of the golem that will show up. Once that golem is defeated you will get a short 5 min. buff which usually is enough time to open your beehive (still, I must have fought 2 or 3 before I realized this :roll_eyes: but :laughing: guess that happens from time to time; at least I know now (and am imparting this to others). I haven’t noticed this effect with the gatekeeper, so don’t think you can get it there, and not from the giant pinata I don’t think either. I hope this helps someone. I know alot of you may know this already.


Golem fights are 2 past each full hour.
If you want a specific golem, the marvelous Jingi has a rotation list in her cache spreadsheet. (

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The forum reminded me that I had a popular link. Thought I update what I said here. Jingi removed the timetable from her spreadsheet since there is now a far better source avaidable with timers. It even has ingame scripting for a chatcommand:


I’ve seen that countdown scroll by. Handy!

So I just killed a golem and didn’t get any kind of buff and still can’t open these damned things.

If you just killed something before you posted, it was the Hatekeeper and not a golem.

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Ah, thank you for the clarification. :grin:

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thanks very helpful

What an unexpected encounter.

Now that the event is over, for those that didn’t use them all, are they going to be consumable for shards?

Usually a week or two after an event they can be consumed for shards.

Still have buzzing hives stuck in my inventory, can’t use them yet. The event is over. Can we please consume them for their shards?


I’ve got 4 just sitting there. I’m not convinced the 4k shards I’ll get will be worth the annoyance of keeping them. If it isn’t patched on Tues, I’ll just chuck them wistfully.


Today’s hotfix will make remaining hives consumable.


Some have deleted them already due to length of time and space. Shame that.

C’est la vie.

The server’s back up now. That was fast. :slight_smile:

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The patch I’ve been waiting for! I never gave up hope. Sweet sweet shards.