About Talos or other agartha event megabosses

I know in TSW they used to be in other zone maps, and it was changed in SWL so it was easier to access them. I’m okay with that.
but instead of just using a portal to another part of agartha (that changes depending on the event) why not make it so the portal supposedly teleports us to the zone maps (by creating a small copy of a subzone of the maps) and make us fight there?
like for the halloween megaevent, make the portal teleport us to a copy of the zone where it appeared in TSW, the big tree in Kingsmouth town. and other zones for other events. Even for the anniversary golems they could use different zones between them too. Never played the event in TSW so i don’t know where they were located.

It makes much more sense (lore wise) to have a portal teleport us to the zone where the monster is, than a random monster appearing in the middle of Agartha, conveniently in a zone you can only get by a portal. doesn’t feel like it’s a threat at all, feels like a huge piñata.

Of course for summoned bosses it could be still in agartha, since it’s the characters that summon them where they are.

What do you think? Am I the only one who finds it very anticlimatic?


I like the idea i would maybe put it over in the Feetback thread though ^^

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oh i will, but i wanted to know other people’s opinions on it first, to make sure it wasn’t only me that was bothered by how it works now XD

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think having the fight in a tiny copy of the original zone as opposed to a decorated version of Agartha would make a huge difference.

Part of the thrill of the original events was finding a golem idling in the wild (or Gatekeeper slowly making his way to spawn one), calling it out and waiting for the cavalry to arrive. We didn’t even have map markers for event bosses for the first couple of years, so everything was done by coordinates and landmarks and people had to actively seek out golems instead of just waiting for two minutes past the hour.

Or, on the other hand, meeting up on a caller and running towards that landmark and often seeing a battle already unfolding.

Or, in the case of Super Jack and Super Hel, gathering the components to coordinate a summons. At least we got part of that during the winter event.

As long as most of the fights are on a timer and in a pocket zone, I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference what that pocket zone actually looks like.


Perhaps not a huge difference but I know I would appreciate even a little difference to the largely featureless platform and soporific four megaboss fights.

I am remembering performance for the bosses in those zones once you got 40 or so people in them at once…

Unless you mean not making a copy of the zone but rather decorating the platform differently, which they sort of did for Jack so there’s some precedent to do that again.


The thing for jack servered a purpose in the fight too, since you needed to hide from his AoE.

Yeah, some features would be nice for the golems or the usual megabosses.

On the other hand over the entire life of TSW, horrible lag in event fights was an constant complaint, so I can see why they went in the opposite direction to make as little lag as possible.


i don’t think a tiny piece of a map would make it lag more than the zone we have now. it’s just an aesthetic change, it’s not in the actual map.

The biggest thing I don’t like about the golem event is that it takes 12 hours to cycle through them to fight all of them. in TSW you just had to wait for someone to say “golem in KM” or look there yourself if you needed that one.

I thought there were 11? That way you can do the fight at the same time each day and it’ll cycle through them all.

lore wise?well,they even break the real world history event lore in Egypt and messed up with romanian folklore…
Imo they dont introduce a new zone map is because the resource cost maybe relatively great,and…they just dont cost that just for “lore wise”,again,they already break the lore lol.

When people are talking about the lore in game, that’s exactly what they’re talking about: The game lore, as it pertains to SWL. Not the folklore and history that inspired it.

Lore wise, the event is about Gaia playing with her little pets (us). She’s summoning these bosses to act as piñata for us, just in the same way that we play with dog and cat toys. The Talos are both a training instrument and a reward for us being good little bees.

The TSW version was that the golems were being created to destroy the world, kind of along the same lines as Noah’s Ark’s flood. We stopped them so that we could keep on saving the world, and that wouldn’t fit well with the idea of them popping up hourly in Agartha. The new idea that Gaia’s preparing a lesson with a treat at the end makes a lot more sense with them being in their own mini area in Agartha.

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So, basically it better fits a crappier premise.

Personally, I never really liked the idea that the bosses were meant to be an apocalyptic solution - how were they meant to take out stuff that we couldn’t handle when we were stronger than them?

I think it also changes the way Gaia potentially works. This makes Gaia more of an active entity - we’re being given a way to train for future challenges by Gaia, (even if it’s a safe environment,) rather than it just being a checklist of “let loose a big swarm of bees. Just wipe out everything.”


I think the writters of this game was intended to write “story behind history”,not “totaly alternatived history”,like what they did to Exodus,and Khalid.So follow this príncipe it is very critical that messed up with already known history and folklore,especialy with history because folklore is,in some sense,not concret.
But yes,if their goal is just to make a total alternative world not just telling story behind story,then you r right.But until this point,I still believe it is just because writters lack of history knowledge,tbh,they even messed up roman legionaire weapon/armour in its relative age.

We are traveling through time tombs, fight the experiments of the fictional red hand, cartwheel through lasers and inhale smoke to see a mayan invasion of north america that involved vikings.
I think it is a stretch to assume we are not playing an alternate completly fictional world that is only inspired by the real world and it’s folklore, fairytails and other occult stories like innsmouth.


The winners are the ones that write history, its just a more intentional lie. As for folklore there is a saying, that there is always a little bit of truth burried in there. SWL isnt strict on history, they are making full use of the Lies, intentional or otherwise, that surround both history and Legends.

#everythingistrue :smiley:

yes but brutaly ignored that tut was not the pharaoh followed Akenaten,Akenaten never killed Nefertiti the last even outlive him by recently studies,and Tut in its first year of reign named Tutankaten thus he did not rebeled but was also a atenist,and alter the armour/weapons legionaires using at its relative age is not use lies…The Khalid part and Exodus is,and imo this is what would make this game more inmersive.