About Talos or other agartha event megabosses


I know in TSW they used to be in other zone maps, and it was changed in SWL so it was easier to access them. I’m okay with that.
but instead of just using a portal to another part of agartha (that changes depending on the event) why not make it so the portal supposedly teleports us to the zone maps (by creating a small copy of a subzone of the maps) and make us fight there?
like for the halloween megaevent, make the portal teleport us to a copy of the zone where it appeared in TSW, the big tree in Kingsmouth town. and other zones for other events. Even for the anniversary golems they could use different zones between them too. Never played the event in TSW so i don’t know where they were located.

It makes much more sense (lore wise) to have a portal teleport us to the zone where the monster is, than a random monster appearing in the middle of Agartha, conveniently in a zone you can only get by a portal. doesn’t feel like it’s a threat at all, feels like a huge piñata.

Of course for summoned bosses it could be still in agartha, since it’s the characters that summon them where they are.

What do you think? Am I the only one who finds it very anticlimatic?


I like the idea i would maybe put it over in the Feetback thread though ^^


oh i will, but i wanted to know other people’s opinions on it first, to make sure it wasn’t only me that was bothered by how it works now XD


To be perfectly honest, I don’t think having the fight in a tiny copy of the original zone as opposed to a decorated version of Agartha would make a huge difference.

Part of the thrill of the original events was finding a golem idling in the wild (or Gatekeeper slowly making his way to spawn one), calling it out and waiting for the cavalry to arrive. We didn’t even have map markers for event bosses for the first couple of years, so everything was done by coordinates and landmarks and people had to actively seek out golems instead of just waiting for two minutes past the hour.

Or, on the other hand, meeting up on a caller and running towards that landmark and often seeing a battle already unfolding.

Or, in the case of Super Jack and Super Hel, gathering the components to coordinate a summons. At least we got part of that during the winter event.

As long as most of the fights are on a timer and in a pocket zone, I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference what that pocket zone actually looks like.


Perhaps not a huge difference but I know I would appreciate even a little difference to the largely featureless platform and soporific four megaboss fights.


I am remembering performance for the bosses in those zones once you got 40 or so people in them at once…

Unless you mean not making a copy of the zone but rather decorating the platform differently, which they sort of did for Jack so there’s some precedent to do that again.


The thing for jack servered a purpose in the fight too, since you needed to hide from his AoE.

Yeah, some features would be nice for the golems or the usual megabosses.

On the other hand over the entire life of TSW, horrible lag in event fights was an constant complaint, so I can see why they went in the opposite direction to make as little lag as possible.


i don’t think a tiny piece of a map would make it lag more than the zone we have now. it’s just an aesthetic change, it’s not in the actual map.