Curse wall portal entry point idea

We all know the dreaded green curse wall that just waits to suck the life from the unknowing of its power. We do have a NPC that hints and teases of other places with other colored gems on their bracelets. Exiles like us but with other colored shackles. I do wonder if we could have a way at certain points to have a warp point touching the cursed wall added to allow for more map options. Think of it as a alternative to the simple character transfer as this would be don’t in game using the environment as a contact point. Thoughts ?


I like the idea. Arcos the Wanderer, down by the Sentinels talks about seeing other folk beyond the curse wall. Makes it sound like other ‘Exiled Lands’, but could really work ok as an introduction for any additional map. (Especially since it really doesn’t seem like the Exiled Lands are placed at any fixed location within the Thurian continent - the sun going south to north pretty much rules that out…). I have a suspicion that the original intent of that speech may have been opened up when the North was added to the map - but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be repurposed now to fit a new role. And making character transfer an ‘in-game’ mechanic definitely seems like an improvement, makes the world more ‘real’.

(I know you know who’s hidden behind the spoiler - just wanted to offer the name for those that don’t know, if they want it. :slight_smile: )

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Nice , nice, very nice. I liked the touch. I am a lore lover in most games. This game still has very much untapped potential.

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I know this is not cursed wall related but:

The portal on top of the tower of the bats. Could be used for map transfer as well.

The portals in the ice palace where the giants are. There are 3 portals.


They might even be better choices for some transfers - I’d especially like to see the second set go somewhere, that location always feels like there’s something missing. For example, Siptah definitely isn’t just on the other side of the curse wall, but would make perfect sense as somewhere that could be linked to via some magical portal - whereas other places without a pre-set location could make sense by either option.

That would be really fun to me also . More tie ins the better. @DanQuixote good points. I like when things can be connected in the lore and the gameplay.

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