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What if instead of killing you, when you try to walk past the cursed wall, you end up in the opposite side of the map? Kinda like in pacman, where you exit on one side and came out from the other. I think that would be cool AND useful to travel.

imagine the look on the noob’s face when he/she walks south through the wall and ends up in the volcano… yeah… bad idea…sorry
this would destroy the natural progression of north is higher level that the game attempts to keep…


I doubt something like this would be possible from even a technical standpoint. Remember, the game engine has to receive information from the server on what exists within a certain radius around the character, and there are limitations to how much info the server can stream at a given time. To be able to walk across the edges (let’s just assume from east to west and not north to south), the game would have to be replicating info from the opposite side of the map which would require some pretty massive changes to the engine I’d imagine.

Furthermore, the cursewall isn’t even uniform in size and shape on each side, so that would be another difficulty since I’m pretty sure zone portals need to be uniform on both sides.

Really, something such as this would require the map layout and engine design to have been planned around it, and that ship sailed years ago.

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Lol i would rather if you touch the wall that you would summon and army of cursed souls to come after you and not stop till it kills you

technicaly should it be possible but I would limit it to the east and west curse wall. walking south (noob area) and end up in the north (volcano, max level area) feels wrong. leaving east and spawn back in on a equal zone (level wise) on the west should be ok

It would make no sense within the lore, so it will never happen.

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