Crazy Idea to make the game last longer

I keep seeing people complain that they hit endgame too easily. I have an Idea about this. What if in stead of having all of the curse walls down, you have to unlock each region? In earlier versions Acous the Wanderer says he saw people on the other side of the wall with amber gems in their bands. So how about we put the curse walls back up and make unlocking each area a quest?


YES. This will stop the “running around and discovering locations to max” bs.

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That’s how it should be imo, and the functionality for this might actually be there. The statues that mark the curse wall are still in the game, it’s just the wall itself isn’t there anymore. I honestly feel like it’s too late in the development process for this since the game is now fully released, but it would have been a better mechanic than the one in the finished game. There would have been a more interesting sense of progression than the current “I was in the desert and now I’m in the jungle.”

Plus, this:

Arcos still says this in the release version afaik, so it would make sense lore-wise.


That would put 40 people in one area? 10 people in one area makes the game lag like hell as it is…

I mean, everyone starts in the desert anyway. It’s not like they’d be trapped in the desert together forever.

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