Lets discuss the end game and escaping per the Archivist in the Map Room

So talking to the Archivist in the map room in the unnamed city reveals our final quest items we need to obtain to escape our bracelets. There are many.

What information has been given on the timeline of these items being dropped into the game?

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You can spawn the witch Queens mask as an admin, but that’s the only one I’ve come across so far. The giant crocodile in the crocodile cave drops small scourge stone pieces which I believe is related somehow to the scourgestone that the archivist mentions.

Also it’s speculated(?) That the final boss in the black keep is tyros

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ive found/spawned all the mats, couldnt figure out, or wasnt in game yet to put them together

spawned the final item and used it, it does indeed let you leave the green wall and even has a little cinematic, it then deletes your charecter and makes you make a new one.

might see a achievment for it im sure or some symbol next to your name for every time you complete it but that seems to be about it, a goal to hit for some for most we will never even bother, nice idea tho :slight_smile:

Gives those of us running a PvE server something to aim for as a clan though.

there are many kinds of scourge stones I found. Probably those are the one that has to do it.

Crocodile from Tomb, and Locust from Swamp Tomb are two I found

Once you got the items, which you can spawn with admin mode even tho some do not appear in the list of spawnable items, you can work out the id and spawn them anyway.

But once you remove the bracelet (without dieing) you are really going to hate the ending.

You get to leave the map (as in cross the border and it not kill you) but can not return…looks like it deletes your toon from the server, lets hope that is not the final version

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Makes sense to me. You have to choose between “beating the game” or staying in the exile lands.

Kinda figured it was something like that. I mean I don’t think FC has secretly made all of Hyboria for us! Alas. LOL