Favourite Talos

So Vibrant Agartha looks lovely! Little floating islands and Yggdrasil trees.
It is also home to the eleven lumbering automatons of Gaia.
Each one has its own distinct appearance and particular combat mechanics.
Which one is the best? And why?

If you have a favourite shem or shard, its cool to mention, but what is the #! fight?

  • Clay Talos
  • Water Talos
  • Stone Talos
  • Magma Talos
  • Sand Talos
  • Verdant Talos
  • Swarm Talos
  • Frost Talos
  • Concrete Talos
  • Technology Talos
  • Silver Talos

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I like the ones with aoes that launch you in the air. Just because if you jump at the end of the cast you can avoid getting launched into the air. Either that or it’s random but works 80% of the time for me so is kinda a fun perhaps unintended mechanic to the fights

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It’s a glance thing it seems. The EFB in the golem fights also include glyph stats =x. If the hit glances you, you will stay on the ground =P.

Odd how often it happens but that could be possible.

I thought the glance chance EFB gave you was fairly minimal.

40%+ if you check your sheet. So fairly high, but does indeed seem like it glance more often than one would expect… then again it might be affected by the fact there are a lot of targets to roll against? No expert on the math behind it i fear =P.

I really liked the little tornado on the Sand golem =P

Ah ok I hadn’t checked in a long time. Thanks.

I love the sound design in the game, so one of my favourite talos to fight is tech. When it does the big laser attack the sound is loud, and creates the impression of weight and impact.
I am not sure of the actual damage it does, but it sounds like it hits hard, and that’s wonderful. Especially fun if you have headphones on.


The event equal footing is different than the PVP—PVP equal footing takes away defensive glyphing, while event grants (to most) red level glyphing in all stats, so everyone comes in with gobs of glance and evade.

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I like all the Talos equally as much. But i do like the Tech one for his weird stun.
For some reason i thought that if you didn’t look at him it didn’t stun you, was that in TSW or have i just gave myself a Mandela Effect about the Tech Talos of TSW - SWL? lool

I have to say - they could be buffed to do more damage to us.

If you keep your back to the Tech Talos when it’s got its buff up, you won’t be stunned. It’s just kinda hard to do that because it wanders where it will and tends to turn unexpectedly. Even if you keep your back turned the whole time its pretty easy to get one stack of the green circles debuff.

As far as damage goes, the Water Talos does plenty to melee players. My baby melee alt has to spend half the time with her thumb up her butt because Drowning will kill her.

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HAHA - 2nd fave is also the water for that reason - i love seeing the dmg done to the players and then trying to heal them up. Was the fun thing about the golems in the play-fields. Alas those days seem gone - unless they buff up the dmg or tune down the scaling of the EFB defensive buff on the players.

but i knew i didn’t imagine the Tech one.
Was trying it here in the instance and was like
Felt like Winston in 1984 and yes, Tech Golem is a she - like all machines

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And boats
/15char-for the shemmyMcShemface

Ah yeah, they used to be a lot more interesting to heal. I used to go in on the tech one as heals because it picked on everyone, and it was fun keeping people with 4k HP alive :smiley:

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The Tech Talos does make me wonder if some dev read American Gods before it was cool…

Silver Golem and Mecha Golem in TSW :3 Them leech attacks from silver and them stuns from tech. Loved it.

Speaking of healing, the leach effect generated by Anima Vessel (sorry I think that’s the TSW name and can’t remember the SWL name) is really OP. Kept it up 100% on hatekeeper and saw on the ACT results that everyone did over 1 million self healing.

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Definitely Silver Talos. As a melee dps, its knockups cause me to pay some attention to the fight instead of mindlessly dpsing it down like most of the other talos. Oh, and it looks pretty cool!

Yup - i do think they have deffo overtuned the instancing on them and we would have been better without all that extra buffing. i don’t understand why the need to tho? What is the EFB for in the instancing of Talos and Gatekeeper?

I personally have a weakness for the Swarm Talos and his summoning of Locusts. I like bosses that do things like that.

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I believe it is to let everyone, even brand new players/characters have a chance. As such i think an EFB is a good idea for event instances. If the first thing you were met with, as a new player, was the exclusion from an event that you won’t see for another year. That would be rather discouraging for most i imagine. Now whether or not they overshot the buff, that is certainly up for debate =P.