Opinions about some points

I am new to the game, I have only arrived until E5 (I still have not decided to go with the tank hahaha) …

But I wanted to know about some things:

… What about the tanks that are few in the game?
… What about the healers too few?
… And when I play tank I see many people with high IP who almost always take my Aggro (it bothers me a little but not to criticize them) I mean it has better Elites but they will be very complicated for them to go?

I put this because I want to have more information about the game.

When waiting in queue it is mostly for a tank or healer to show up, but mostly the tank. Some players will sign up as healer (and sometimes tank) just to get in fast. When a “tank” signs up, they are usually overgeared, and think having the stats are enough, sometimes they learn the hard way that it doesnt work like that. As for the “healers” some of them have no intention to heal, and go in expecting you to be a sustain tank. Sustain means you as the tank need no healing, the only healing needed is if dps need some heals. Now sustain tanking unfortunately mean many drop the healer role, because they get frustrated with being told to DPS when they signed up to heal.

As for the aggro. E5 marks a change in mechanics, and for ppl just looking to gear up quick, an E4 pays off more. The gab in successful runs between the two, just doesnt make up for the gap in reward. Also there some high geared will pug low runs, so they can go fast to last chest, in hopes of an Agent drop.

Personally i think they should form a group and stop taking the learning experience away from the lower levels, which thankfully some do.

Either way you will meet people that overgear you. You can only do so much about the Aggro on your end, the rest of it is on the DPS to regulate their damage. If they go into lower dungeons, then they should be ready for a low geared tank.

Personally what i do to counteract aggro issues is go ST on my Power abilities, and always use 2, one per weapon. Personally a Chaos tank, which can help a bit, as Immutable offers extra hate generation. If you feel you can go lower HP, you can also allocate some of your survivability into damage. Likewise the high geared dps can allocate damage into survivability.

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Tanks have always, historically, been the role with fewest players. So it’s normal.

SWL has something not so normal, which is some very lopsided mechanics for tank self-healing that don’t become apparent until much later which allows many to simply skip the healer role entirely. Not all tanks do that, but enough do, and enough are rude about it, to have driven most of the healers from the game.

As for people in high IP coming in to lower elites, part is it’s easier—E5 mechanics are tricky and it’s just faster not to bother. Other times, Mr. Red 70 in E2 thinks they are helping. Very occasionally showing off; I’ve seen that once or twice.

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this, i tried trying to tank, e1 but everyone was so over geared, i learned nothing


Exchange just got more messed up and we got…Aurum sell. :sweat_smile:
Thus, mess up queue is unlikely going to help as well.

Who are those people? I’d be interested to know them.

Funcom as a company has. Just look at CE.But, that doesn’t matter as long as they don’t put resource in SWL.

More important is, what will you do when you are not satisfied with the situation?
Tolerate it?
Shout around about it? (As if it really works…)
Good news, at least this is just a game that people can still simply chose to leave, it’s an easy way out.

In real life, that will not always be an option. Sometimes, people will even need to stand against tanks in the square to make a change.

Yeah i am currently helping a cabal mate with the ins and outs of tanking, but if we pug it’s a hit or miss if they even get to tank. We do get some good teams in there, both high geared that can figure out to sit back and let the tank do their job, and once in a while a team that is actually in the appropriate gear.

That said we have had to private the two of us and go into E1, with me covering healing and DPS. It’s a shame really. My friend have had ppl tell her not to tank, as in “don’t sign up as a tank”. Kinda hard to learn that way.

I wanna say it gets better once you pass E1, but only a little bit.

Hum dunno, when i signed up to SWL’s beta, i just read tooltips of the actives and passives for tanking weapons. Took me like 5 minutes to acknowledge that 5-10s of buff durations with 20s cooldowns for everything would make tanking ridiculous and can enable overpowered cooldown rotations, and either the damage during endgame content would become ridiculous to compensate for this, or the mitigation / selfhealing capabilities would be OP as hell. Took me literally 5 minutes just reading the tooltips.


When I realized that it takes less time to solo an E1 (to burn my dungeon keys) than to run it through the randomizer as tank, I stopped doing the latter. That also saves me from having to interact with those “do I have to heal ?” healers who just give a damn about the whole of the group and will happily let people burn to cinders at HR3.

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I did not know that my post was going to make a controversy, lose me.
I just want to say something, I hate to play sustained tank is not mine, I like more chaos / hammer, I feel more satisfied in interrupting the enemy and not make the dps lose damage (remember that I am new is how I see it), I love play with my friend who is healer calls more attention to the game, since the day I started to tank in E1, I have seen many people with high IP level did not learn anything at that time and less with my friend healer … But with the time that helps me to understand the skills that threw the enemies and a little mechanics so now it takes me well to tank in E1 - E4, but in E5 it gets a little complicated has new mechanics but the “veteran” people Sometimes it does not let you learn, it has told me to watch video to learn but it is not the same when one does it and less with chaos … I know it complicates me but I try to give everything to learn, and toxic people do not care but they leave you aside, I also see people who teach you but they are very few.
As well as giving the healer a chance.

Forgive my English, I hope you understand me.
Thank you.

You can interrupt and use every utility you’d need as a sustain-tank as well, don’t look for wrong excuses. Just say that you prefer playing shotgun/chaos or anything else, but don’t lie. If anything, the purpose of the sustain-tanking is to actually get more group DPS by removing the healer (instead of loosing DPS like you said).

That’s a valid reason, for example.

Another day, another thread about sustain tanking that turns into trolling and a bunch of nonsense flags. C’mon y’all. :confused:

Performed some thread cleanup.

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History suggests that it was not as easy as five minutes of tool tip reading in the beta.

Regardless of how obvious you consider it, it isn’t a problem until much later on. Players trying to sustain early are honestly really squishy tanks!

No? I tanked all regionals with full lvl 1 purple gear in August last year (and i have a video as proof of it). Could probably have done that as soon as game released if tanking wasn’t my secondary role by that time (AA didn’t exist). I bet other people were starting to do some funky stuff as well.

I’d just say they’re bad, which is probably the case when people start playing. How can a sustain-tank be squishier than a normal tank if sustain-tanking is by nature the fact of using more cooldowns on average than a normal tank would? Your statement is illogical.

It’s more complicated than that. Basically, there are people interested in teaching, but many of them have rather limited interest in using public queues for that, due to all the issues associated with that (e.g. rushing overgeared players, IP-ready misgeared players, the forced randomizer, and never properly officially addressed underlying problems that cause threads about sustain tanking and related issues to spring up and boil over again and again).

As such, you might want to try the #Sanctuary chat channel to see if you can hook up with some folks.

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They probably aren’t that great at it :slight_smile: Not everyone is a skilled player. People mess up and get smacked in the face and their CDs are on CD because they messed up. (And you can keep editing your post, but it was better when you said facts rather than lack of logic—you yourself mentioned the most important factor. Players get involved. That changes the math.)

And I don’t doubt you were doing funky stuff early on! Lots were. I do know the beta forums never had any threads detailing how obviously ridiculous tanking skills were, and Smyrill and Dumb Ox, who are both very good theory crafters, started off detailing the uses for defensive glyphing but not the uses for tank heals.

Now I suppose you could have noticed this all was obviously ridiculous and given such feedback to Funcom privately. Or not at all, despite its being ridiculous? And therefore there would be no history that I’d have seen.

That’s the history I mean. Not that people didn’t figure there was some wonkiness quite early on.

I know when someone said tanks could sustain, I tried to do it with hammer/blade at first. Which like… technically worked on E1 (at my then-ip 170 or whatever), but wasn’t the near immortality that hammer/chaos has, where the only thing that can kill you is a single hit for significantly more than your base hp. I hadn’t thought to drop the 2nd power move for an extra cd so it seemed like some self-heals would be needed and blade’s #1 passive is kinda the best.

It’s been clear from the start that the tank weapons are not even close to equal though. Hammer just plain has the most defensive CDs and chaos has the single most ridiculous one. Shotgun’s got nothing nice and the double-gcd on all its cooldowns is just icing on the cake.

So Chaos Mitigation Tank is bad?

Truest words said - on two VERY crucial aspects of this very topic
and completely overlooked every time they are mentioned.

But they will keep promoting and peddling the same lies to the new players, in a bid to keep (and ironically to sustain the opinion) - That it’s the only viable method from E1 upwards.
When this is anything but the truth.
It is in fact the opposite.