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Jesus. This is nice :v:


I don’t know if this is a sad thing to say or not but this is honestly the best thing that’s happened for me so far in 2020. Given how this year has been I’m sure im not the only one!


People said I was mad to keep this stuff lying around for 3 full years, well look at me now ma! :v:


Sweet sweet music to my healer ears <3


<insert all kinds of gifs showing excitement and happiness


Credit where credit is due ALL of this I sense was worth coming back for, don’t know about you lot but I feel a little excited :upside_down_face:


I’m not against it (yet, haven’t seen the new tank style for each weapon), but, uh… I’m not gonna be converting my dps gear to tank spec with reglyphing items, and unless dungeon loot changes a lot I don’t see myself making a full 2nd set of red 70 items (or for that matter, maxing out a 2nd set of hammer signets) since the first set has taken 3 years and is not done.And there’s really no “just use yellow items for tanking”, a red item has nearly 2x the hp/protection on it.
So hopefully tanking in a full dps set still works fine.

Not to mention my inventory has 45 spots, taking up an extra 7-9 with tank gear seems bad…

Maybe it bears clarification but, to do solo E16 content, I need dps gear (Dark Agartha, other stuff that already scales) so there’s just no future in me being “only tank”


I think Nirvelle noted that there is a solution in place that tanks can do solo content effectively. How it will look we probably learn on friday.

Agree on gear part, tho Nirvelle assured that we’ll be safe.

Nirvelle, NopemasterToday at 8:50 PM
The soloing problem has already been addressed. Internally testing has been good, with tank-geared players able to complete E17 Dark Agartha :slight_smile:

We’ll have to wait couple days and see what happens on beta.


I have two questions.

  1. What is a “healer”?
  2. What is an “update”?

I suppose that’s good for people who have tank gear, but I’m still sticking with “tank using dps items”. I’m not gonna mess with a gear set that works and hope I get it right before I run out of reglyphing items. Much easier to adjust my tank build to keep working than to adjust gearing.

Also have to correct myself, I went ingame to check what actual roles my talis are for, and I’m E15. With 1 heal 6 dps items, far as I can tell. (belt is sort of both tank/dps hammer, though)

So, in order to tank as before, I will have to change my glyphs and this will allow me to “solo” as before. Hurray.

But will it allow me to “dps” and heal as before in my all-purpose gear ? I sense the answer to that will be “haha, of course not”.

Therefore, I strongly beliebe that this “initiative” will, in the end, lead to :

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Nope, this is where things are changing. There will be no “all-purpose” gear anymore.

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Cui bono ? The process of leveling a set of gear in this game isn’t even remotely interesting enough to do it again.


This is also changing, and for the better. I can only invite you to see it yourself!


Let’s say it in a different manner: in solo, you’ll be able to get by with any type of gear. In group content, you’ll have to choose whether you want to be a tank or a healer / dps, at least if you consider the highest available difficulty for your gear (like, E17). Referring to the difference in glyphing of course.

Unless you start working on a 2nd set of gear.

I guess you would not be surprised if i said this claim for TSW, right? You were certainly not able to do everything with 1 single set of gear. :slight_smile:


I could definitely manage all 3 roles with a single alternate item in TSW (8 total: head hp/dps, major hp/heal/dps, minor dps/dps/dps) if it had cost 6 months per item to add more to my inventory instead of ~a week. Addition of anima allocation and it’d be trivial to do every role in dps gear. 3 year mark in SWL and I only have 5 talis maxed out. I’ve been subbed the whole time, although for the last 6 months I haven’t bothered opening loot crates cause there’s nothing new.

Unless they go full on changing the amount of damage mobs deal type rebalancing, I don’t see how they can make tank glyphs useful. They don’t prevent spikes as they did in TSW, cause there’s no boss dealing little enough damage for ‘spike’ to mean anything.

If they are rebalancing the actual damage dynamic, I hope they fix the other longstanding problem with group content, that it’s set up to where you can win if you make no mistakes, and if you make any mistake (well, as tank/healer) you restart the 10 minute long encounter. It’s never been a good type of difficulty to make it take a very long time for anyone to win.


Two days. Speculate if you wish but I’m quite confident a lot of your concerns have been all ready addressed or will be taken into consideration during community testing.

What I will say however is that realistically you can’t compare SWL’s and TSW’s gearing system. It is meant to be very different even if only for the fact that gearing in SWL is a large part of the games revenue. Whether you agree with it or not that’s just the reality of the situation and it will always involve some level of grind because of this though I hear that there is intentions to reduce the degree of grind that is involved.

As for your last two paragraphs regarding your speculations on there ability to deal with the tanking meta I am at a loss for words. In fact, I’m not even sure if your talking about the same game cause most of that is either grossly exaggerated or just plain false.