Portals in game

A quick question for all you dungeon delvers and world explorers. Are you familiar with any locations in the game that have any sort of portal or portal type visual effect?

Also I’m looking for a solid location scout. Credit will be given in the show of course. Any interested parties should get in touch.

T5 lobby and Yakh, Visi, Kylli after killing bosses.
Amphitheater while 1st boss is alive

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Chaos and Sepulcher of the Wyrm.

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Isn’t there a big one in the Eiglophian Mountains? In one of the Gurnakhi war camps where the ice demons come from.
Also the Amphitheater (AoK) has one at the first Boss, it even changes colors if the boss was aggroed if I remember correctly.

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This is the Eiglophian portal

And its position on the map
Eiglophian Portal


Awesome thanks guys! :+1: