Location scout request

This is for all you well heeled adventurers who’ve managed to scour the world of Hyboria from top to bottom. I am scouting for a certain locale. I seek a holy location that has a look of a shrine temple or church type place.

Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.

P.s. it can’t be inside a solo dungeon or instance.


There is a chapel in Tesso in Wild lands of Zelata

there is one in commons as well.

Also in wild lands where there is the fos point called " chapel".

In khitai ofc countless temples also. What exactly are you looking for.

If you need a small shrine, there’s the one where you have to pick the message from Hator-Ka, in Kheshatta.

These are great keep em coming. Not sure which location will be used but I’d like to look at any you guys know of.


If you want an outdoor shrine, up where the shaman is doing his thing in Ymir’s has a shrine and another further up the hill. Maybe even that temple they didn’t finish if you just need an external site.