Location scout request

Greetings Hyborians and specifically the PVE crowd!

I seek a location in game that is capable of holding a group of players. It should also be a cavern like scenario with perhaps some skulls lying about here and there. Blood everywhere would be a plus but I wont hold my breath on that! If anyone can think of any locations in game, please post your ideas below!

What about the Spider Caverns in Conalls? :thinking:

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  • The entry of Bubshur House, you can be 6 & you’ve got blood & Corpse
  • At some point : Some location in Onyx Could be nice too
  • Or in HOC you’ve got lot’s of nice place were ppl don’t go often (coz only needed for quest or sum lurker) - but no blood, and think no skull or may decorative
  • Sanctum of Burning Souls (dung) could be nice too with the blood bath
  • Same for Cradle of Decay / Black Castle
  • As @Yawgmoth say : Spider Cave in Conalls and you found one in Zelata too
  • In Tortage > Acheronian Ruins > the place with corpse & Undead boss
  • In Thunder River far south Est : you’ve got a place with some UD, corpse, blood in Ruins
  • Some place in Xiba could be nice too

And that all for now x) I am sure I forgot some place, but it’s already a start


Now that I think about it, there are at least 2 more:

  • There’s a cavern on Tortage, from the beach
  • The entrance of Jade Dugout
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