Journey Step, Find Acheronian Obelisk, Where?

Couldn’t find any Obelisks. Are they even implemented yet ? Am I blind ?

Anyways… Great Addition to CE. Loving it :smiley: :heart_eyes:

They are, keep looking. They may not look the way you expect them to look :stuck_out_tongue:

That journey step is very misleading! It is there. But it’s not an obelisk like we are used to.

You guys are the worst. If he’s asking the question, why is your answer so damn vague ?

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Thank you. I will keep my eyes open.

Have fun in this amazing area.

He asked if they are implemented, we confirmed.


And I’m totally fine with that :smiley:


Found it :smiley:


For future generations: there is an obelisk stuck to the side of any vault.


@Chaonike Spoiler alert… it’s too bad there isn’t a way to flag/hide detail like yours. Now I know where to look.

Hey hey! Nice. Not even a spoiler I kept reading after there was confirmation that its doable.

Kinda related tho … might have missed it, but is that why there isn’t an excited thread of “Siptah Discoveries” where we can go and talk about the exciting things we find and compile for the 3 hard working folks that do the wiki? I mean … I can think of other reasons why that thread doesnt exists (or I missed it like I said) but I for one was bummed that we weren’t acting like we were having a big siptah sleep over where we all stayed up to late drinking “soda pop” and rambling on about the items, pets, feats, and other nifty things we found. Like what’s up with the Rabbit statue? Any way rant over thanks for not making me have to look elsewhere @Chaonike

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Question for any takers. Are these Obelisks part of a fast-travel system like the ones in the Exiled Lands, are they Lorestones, or do they serve another purpose?

Lorestones AFAIK. I’m still looking for some type of teleporting mechanic.

No. Obelisks on the Isle of Siptah are information slabs that glow (like Exiled Lands), but no fast-travel system. If you want to travel, you have to either run or ride a mount.

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Pippi :smiley:

I don’t use mods, I only play on pvp official servers, so I guess I’ll have to pray to get some teleporting method lol

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I found one in the Acheronian ruins(the places that looks like the Exiles Lands’ Unnamed City, but moss-covered and with cold weathers) in the northwest, close to one of the western entrances(exits?) leading to some of the overlooks on the cliffs over the beach iirc?

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