Journey unfinished

I’m really looking forward to moving my character to Siptah, but I regret the fact that I won’t be leaving the Exiled Lands with my journey completed.

The last time I made the Keystone the Mummy didn’t spawn, and since it takes a lot of time to gather all the items I don’t want to do it again until I’m sure he spawns.

Can anyone please confirm that he is still not in the game? Thanks.

O, and there were two other journey entries added (“Obtain an animal companion” and “Obtain a mount”), but for some reason they don’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged?


@Croms_Faithful will answer you about the mummy and @JJDancer about the rest , thank you guys :+1: .

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Well, I’ve spend a lot of time on my character. Levelling up, getting the journey entries, gathering all the recipes, etc. I don’t want to throw all of that away to start a new adventure. Being able to bring my character to Siptah with all the recipes he has learned gives me a sense of accomplishment and continuity.

Well … I 've created over 100 characters on different servers the past 3 years , except my first all the others is the same female piece of art called Bella . If you ever play PvP you will create so many characters that this statement you just made will make you laugh too m8 . Start over , feel the excitement from the beginning and do it again and again ,so one day this game will have no boundaries for you :wink:.

ps . quit admin mode , learn the game :wink: .

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I have lots of characters, but only one I care about. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think he means immerse yourself in the game. @stelagel is probably the most polite person I know on these forums.


@JJDancer ,Plus my English are bad so thank you for the correction here . My dear @Halk you cannot imagine how many persons I meet every day that the do not actually learn the game even after thousands of play time . All they did is to focus on the PvP aspects of the game and care not for all the others . For example today in one of my clan mates I gave a blunded javelin that I farmed from a greater hyena . It is a javelin so an action can throw it away , after playing with it suddenly he started to say names to Funcom about bugs , I asked him what’s wrong m8 and he told me that the javelin was disappeared from his hands :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: , how could I explain him that javelins are throwing weapons and this wasn’t a bug but his silly actions , tell me how ? This person only with me has over 2000 hours in PvP servers and he still doesn’t posses 70% of the game , so go figure .


I am really happy for you m8 , still yesterday @JJDancer uploaded a photo on another topic that was showing a scary message . I am not sure 100% but if you transfer this character to Siptah it will be deleted from the other server . Still I am not sure since I am a console player and I am way behind on these updates . JJ can you please confirm ?

With considerably more than 2K hours in, I am still learning the game and still enjoying every new thing I learn.

Be well, stay safe, conquer the world.


Count me in on this statement too , it is not one week that I uploaded a topic with the question what charisma does ? Ofcurce it is impossible to find out when your character is always female , so after 3 damn years I didn’t knew what is it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . I can’t wait for Siptah , omg .


It is actually a work in progress, per @Ignasi, so I cannot confirm that will be the finished product for server transfers. In its current state it befuddles me why anyone would use it vs just creating another avatar on a different server.


Oh I love the word avatar , thank you for the info JJ :+1: .


I know. I have 2 characters on Siptah, but with my limited free-time I can really only take care of one character. So either I spend time on my main in Exiled Lands or on an alt in Siptah. I’d rather enjoy both at the same time.

Anyhow, can someone tell me if the “Obtain an animal companion” and “Obtain a mount” journey entries are still bugged?

Thanks @stelagel. I am not an expert on this matter by any means, just someone who has followed it for a considerable period of time now, and who is one of the more vocal advocates of getting him finished and implemented into the game.

@Boreas I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at this time, the Mummy of the Ring is still not implemented in the game. So I would not waste a second lot of artifacts in creating the Keystone. It should actually require all 7 artifacts, with the Mummy of the Ring posessing the seventh; the the Essence of the Serpent Ring. However, for now we can still create the Keystone using only 6 so that people may complete the story, and re-roll if they wish to in the meantime.

Now with that said, it is possible to face the Mummy of the Ring now under the right circumstances. To do so, you need to have access to the Admin Panel. You will have to spawn him in using the code Wildlife_Storyboss. However, I do offer the following :warning: Caution: He feels VERY weak and is clearly unfinished in his current state. He only has less than 1500 health (less than the average T4 human fighter), and only the most rudimentary 1 hit sword strikes. He cannot do combos, and currently has no unique powers or special attacks. So it will be a very disappointing showdown. However, killing him will log the Journey Step as completed, and give you the Essence of the Serpent Ring.

I have also heard that it is possible for him to spawn organically in an undead Purge on the eastern side of the Frozen North. However I cannot confirm this from personal experience. Furthermore, it is the same unfinished version which mentioned which will spawn.

So. @Boreas if you are almost done playing Conan Exiles, then you probably have nothing to lose spawning him in manually for the sake of tieing up the last loose end. However, if you plan to stick around and keep playing for the forseeable future, then I would just sit back and wait for him to be finished and implemented. It would make for a more fitting and climatic conclusion, and hopefully an amazing final battle in the Exiled Lands.


Tnx @Croms_Faithful for that elaborate response. I think I will just go ahead and move to Siptah. I suppose I can always come back to the Exiled Lands when the Mummy is finally there. I find that using the admin panel for this kind of stuff is extremely unsatisfying.


My pleasure Boreas! It is my hope that Funcom will get him finished and into the game soon. And I know exactly what you mean regarding the Admin Panel. I generally only use it to correct bugs and glitches myself, such as respawning in a disappeared shrine or bench. I prefer to earn my rewards through hard work or conquest in battle as opposed to ‘cheating’.


@Croms_Faithful ,Dude , when you have the damn gift all the others are just cheap copies . You rock , since day one I always enjoy the simplicity and the specification of your posts , no wonder for your title :wink: , thanks always :+1: .

@Boreas ,once again welcome to the crazy lovers of Conan exiles area , I am really happy we have you here :star_struck: .


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