Exiled Lands Story conclusion and integration

Hi there everyone,

I just need to ask the question…

Why isn’t the Mummy of the the Ring implemented yet? Are we waiting for something?

As a person with over 3500 hours in single player, I can’t help but wonder if it will ever be done. It seems like The Exiled Lands and the actual story has been forgotten about.

When it was announced that Siptah was coming I had all these wonderful ideas about the story continuation so that we would hand a lore friendly way to make use of the character transfer system that had been put into place. Much like in Ark, there could be a viable way to transport to a new map. I kind of feel like Siptah doesn’t really have any story to it at all. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t much story in TEL either, but it’s enjoyable.

I was hoping that if you had the collected the artefacts and made the keystone, you could use that to transport your character via something in game to Siptah. It could be via boat on the East Coast because you bought the cursed wall down or it could be via sorcery because you followed the story and assembled the required pieces which gained your a token of some sort.

Anyway, I’m rambling. But I would love it (and I think the game deserves it) to be able to actually finish the Exiled Lands properly. As of now, all my characters have the keystone, but I’m never use them because of the outdated idea that that’s it, you escape and your character is deleted. That made sense before there was another map but now that there is… Why not??

Thanks for reading.


Only Funcom knows, but possibly the Mummy is waiting until they implement sorcery so that he can use magic against you in the final battle.

The Servant of the Ring is Thoth Amon’s creation, and Thoth Amon is a powerful sorcerer, so it would make sense for his creation to also be imbued with as much magic as possible.

As the final boss of the game, the Mummy should be a special fight, and Funcom may be resistant to add him until he can be as special as he should be.


No, I mean actual sorcery, not fancy animations.

I don’t know what sorcery will actually look like, since Funcom likes to be secretive about it, but I expect there will be new mechanics we’ve never seen before, like curses, enchantments, and possibly even creatures summoned from other dimensions.


Loving the responses, thanks. It seems I’m not the only one who thought this.

I do agree, the Mummy or slave of the ring should be a very special fight indeed. I just wonder how much more they could do if they are indeed waiting.

At this point, I am starting to wonder what they are doing and how much more we are going to get because when your really look at it, there are a lot of things that have been left unfinished even after the polishing they are currently doing.

For example, your can’t actually acquire a priest in game for damage for the Jhebbal Sag religion, the armour priest for Ymir doesn’t apply extra armor as intended, the Legion warrior (pet) is still bugged out from being a usable thrall since several patches ago, the Diadem of the Giant Kings is no longer obtainable as far as I know. He drops a golden key now, etc, etc… (I am sure there is more that’s bugging everyone else out there that I’m not aware of. Feel free to chime in if there is one thing that is constantly bothering you).

I know (and am very thankful for) the polish that they are applying for the game these days and can only hope for their continued efforts so this game can be everything it should be. Are we getting more themed DLC packs?

I miss the days when we got regular communication about these things.

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A Chosen of Jhebbal-Sag can spawn as any specialization, and Una the Venerated is a purge-only Jhebbal Sag confessor.

Nemedian DLC is next.

There is going to be a Funcom stream on Friday.


That’s great to hear @Tephra. Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t even think about the chosen guys doing that job.

I was under the impression (from the wiki) that Una the Venerated wasn’t available in game yet at all.

Looking forward to the stream. I didn’t know about that or the Nemedian pack coming.

And here I thought I knew what was going on.

Thanks again.


Yeah, that might be true, but the wiki sometimes flags pages as not yet implemented until the subject is actually seen in-game, so it is possible the priest just hasn’t been confirmed yet.


@Tephra , I dream this day, I really wish this awesome game will have an ending to remember, it deserves it.

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Well in The Hour of the Dragon, there’s a mummy!



Do you remember when the opening cutscene had a quote from Xaltotun of Python?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.


about that mumy - he is supposed to be one of final bosses like witch queen and white undead arena dragon, he is mentioned in chat with one of giant kings like there is 6 pieces to make keystone, but he mentions 7 and actually tells u need cursed ring or something atleast i remember something like this


Interesting point of view @TotenMeister. I actually just used him as a reference in one of my characters rp stories. I do like the a outcast as a character. It’s just sad that the Frost giants aren’t fleshed out some more. Are there females? They are great characters. And what about the disjunction? That could be used to help move the story into another map. It does look like a bunch of portals. Where do they go?

I’ve got a whole character based around them who lives up north. The can make really good/fun thralls if levelled right too.

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The Ring is held by Thoth Amon, (hence why your told you can never recover it, since he came there and took it himself) And why collecting others is important, it may be your only chance. Hoping its enough.

I guess its kinda debatable were Exile Lands is… Thoth Amon basiclly has got alot of Kings of other lands to send people there. (abit of lore on all that) and treasure hunters.

Like some of older topics mention, Mummy of Set had some files… they’ve been updated once or twice? (I forget)
But originally, (with what little was working) Upon trying to craft item, your given a message. (to head nameless city to fight him in room (were snake boss is, and temple of Set)
Other variant was mummy attacks you upon altar.

And it drops essence of mummy of set, which is enough to make key stone.

All of this could 100% be place holders… Its 1500hp mob with almost no animations. Its unfinished by far.

Always been weirded out by it… we get new content, and new monsters… heck redone stuff. Yet the Mummy has gone unfinished this long. Same as Find all Locations in Exile Lands. (with ghost fence killing god mode/ghost mode…you can’t finish it on consoles. (inless they fix ghost fence again…)


Whilst I am sure there are many strange sexual fantasies out there, it just seems like there are males that live in camps so there must be the female equivalent somewhere? Unless there is some mad cloning facility somewhere that I missed. But hey, it’s all a dream right.

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I achieved that feat just yesterday actually. They moved it to “slithering sands” or something like that. It’s the island on L6.

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@TotenMeister Exactly. Wait, just one??? And isn’t she a half breed like Tyros anyway?

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Just lacks that blue tinge. Must be only on the y chromosome.

Found the answer on the wiki.

Ymir is the lord of war and storms. Frost Giants are said to be the male children of Ymir, while his singular daughter, Atali, is said to haunt the battlefields of men, luring them to their death in the frozen wastes of the north. According to the Nordheimers, when a warrior falls in battle they go to Valhalla, the great feasting hall of Ymir, to dine and fight forever. When invoked, Ymir takes the form of a Frost Giant wielding an enormous axe and leaving a trail of frost in his wake


this one in my idea is more less like in movies sometime, when character talks with viewers like deathpool taks with us , or in simpsons sometime they say something where they feel they are cartoon not irl
this one may be same thing with breaking 4 wall, because if u go into phylosophic ( sorry word is to hard for me to know correction in english ) this frost giant can say as well that like u are character and he talks with it like he is actual projection of US - the players, thus if u die in game u cant leave it and will be respawned… thats how i understood that thing


That’s me in the screengrab with Ladagara. My toon is always juuuust a smidgen below full character height. :smiley: She may not be a giant but she’s a whole lot of woman.

After reading more of the Hour of the Dragon, it seems Xaltotun is a formidable foe. If they were going to introduce AOE “sorcery” and the mummy, plus the back-story to Belverus, they need look no farther than the pages of Weird Tales.


Dude was a High Priest of Set in Acheron. In a city like Python and in a time like the Acheronian Empire, one doesn’t get to a position like that without being extremely powerful and dangerous.

EDIT for flavor: “It was a black reality, an empire of black magicians, steeped in evil now long forgotten. It was finally overthrown by the Hyborian tribes of the west. The wizards of Acheron practiced foul necromancy, thaumaturgy of the most evil kind, grisly magic taught them by devils.”