Update 2.3 Nothing for the old map? And are we going to see transfers between maps?

Update 2.3 looks like it’s bringing a lot of new stuff to the new map but by the looks of it nothing for the old map. This was my concern about splitting the map (had to be done I know) they won’t be adding the content to it anymore & the old map is the better map.

They announced last year about transfer between maps Is that still coming? (I know there is a mod But I want the official way)


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content only siptah? of course, for that we have bought the dlc. are we going to pay a few and then the content for all ?.
Regarding the transfer, it seems logical to me that one could travel from one to the other without limits. That is if only those who buy the dlc and each map with unique things to encourage travel.

As I understand it Funcom said that once the last dungeon(Wine cellar) was added to Exiled lands, that would make it a finished map with only smaller changes and adjustments, so with or without Siptah, the Exiled lands is considered a finished map… sort of :grin:

Update 2.3 was supposed to be mostly about Siptah, makes sense since it was released in early access september last year and have since not really had much content update.
I believe they said that character transfer would be added with the full release of Siptah, maybe shortly after, so most likely not with the 2.3 update, but sometime later in first half of 2021 :slight_smile:

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And that is exactly why I ended my reply with “… sort of”, however I doubt that they will add the mummy of the ring anytime soon, if ever. :wink:

First, it is not clear. You might clearly have that opinion, but plenty of others on here have different opinions, so it isn’t clear what FC has or hasn’t done. Assume that your opinion isn’t speaking for the majority, since you have no reason to think that it is.

Second, the last fun DLC is very subjective. Plenty of people think Siptah is fun, plenty of people play it. Considering that FC doesn’t owe anyone more DLC or more content, or f*ck all when it is said and done beyond a playable game? I wouldn’t call it ungrateful or impatient as much as entitled.

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You cant compare Siptah with a building and armor/weapons reskin like the Argos DLC.
I think one of their biggest mistakes was calling Siptah a “DLC” in the first place, because it is really a separate game played on separate servers.

Honestly, in five years played I have never tried to complete the journey steps. Some of us are not into the quests part of the game. Survive, Build, Dominate. . . . . . . . .(do quests) Meh

There was content coming to exile lands but people complained and in the latest test live update it got pulled from exile lands.

ahaha… -_-


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