Are the exiled lands journey steps finished? (Mummy of the ring and removing bracelet?)

Mummy of the Ring -
I’ve only seen people saying they haven’t been able to spawn the mummy, other than via admin panel (and if so, how do I find it?)

Ending Cutscene -
I also saw the ending cutscene on youtube from when your character finally removes their bracelet and earns their freedom, all the struggles, all the exploration, especially when doing all journal steps, all for a 30 second cutscene of your character just walking away.
Will we ever get an updated ending, or is it just that?

Also, is there an achievement for doing all the steps?

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The Mummy is famously not really in the game - I hear legends say that it was meant to appear at Chaosmouth when all the other keys had been gathered to represent the Serpent Ring, but alas. There is no achievement for doing so on Steam, I assume coherence across other platforms. We may get more story yet ; I think that the dev team still cares a lot, even if it might appear otherwise. The entire sorcery update fulfills a goal that had to be dropped from development originally- it is called sword AND sorcery after all. According to the wiki (Mummy of the Ring - Official Conan Exiles Wiki) he is called “wildlife_storyboss”; I’m not versed in the admin pane but it indicates that’s the handle to spawn him in.

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It’s the Ithaca example. What counts the most is the journey and tbh that’s true! They don’t want you to leave the exile lands, that’s why the way out is almost hidden!

At least these are my thoughts :rofl::rofl::rofl:, yes I want a different end too, I am all in @drsalvation19. About the achievement I don’t remember, it’s too long now, I don’t remember the trophies!

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