Only 4 journey steps left..need help

So I’m attempting to complete all the journey steps, down to 4 left. Only 2 I’m curious about are defeat the mummy of the ring and explore the entire exiled lands.

From what I’ve read you need to create the keystone and then head to the citadel of the triumvirate to fight the mummy, can anyone confirm this?

(Update) made keystones…went to citadel…no mummy

2ndly exploring all the exiled lands, I think I’ve found every location possible but have read there is one unreachable unless using admin controls. Well I play on an official server so that’s not gonna happen. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case or had this been fixed?

It’s currently not implemented, you can only spawn it using the admin panel;

When i go there i see this…doesnt say its not implemented.

This is because you are visiting the site on mobile, the notice is hidden in ‘page issues’ at the top. The wiki is not optimized for mobile viewing, so if you think anything is missing on the mobile view, please try the desktop view - a button to switch to it may be found at the bottom of any page.

I’ve remade my topic on last two(3 techianlly) Journal steps and asked several times… havn’t got a answer that isnt from old wiki answer. =/

Far as i can tell (using Map showing even exile camp markers(hidden on consoles) I can not finish find all exile lands.

And Mummy of Set doesn’t exist yet… thou Staff havnt jump on this question in sometime.
(as several of Journey steps just got fix last few patches)

They really shouldn’t put journey steps in there if they can’t be completed. Kinda lame on funcoms part.

Not to mention they replied on Facebook and said the journey steps should all be working as intended.

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