Remove useless Journey Steps

Remove the “Defeat the Mummy of the Ring” and " Escape the Exiled Lands" journey steps. In the first case, it’s simply not possible (it does not exist in the game), and in the second … well, don’t want to spoil anything for new players but let’s just say it’s completely ridiculous to get this as a journey step.

I would also suggest renaming “Pour Boiling Oil from a Siege Cauldron” (it’s tar, not oil) and “Discover all the Giant-king obelisks” (it should be lorestones, not obelisks).

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Mummy of set…is sorta in-game. And its been hinted…not hinted. It may yet happen.
Its not useless per say…

The Oil/tar one has bugged me for some time. Same with island one, since theres no singing when you near flower patch. XD

I’ve been waiting for explore map to be fixed, and Mummy of set. Which would leave my main character with only 1 Step left. Which in itself is the reminder its all but done. (leave exile lands)

I kinda assume they thought they would get further on some of those. We have year 3 to come. =3

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