Discover all of the Giant-king obelisks

Does anyone know of a map to all the Giant-king lore stones? (I’m assuming this journey step is referring to the lore stones and not the fast travel obelisks).

That’s the one I followed, even clicking on all the duplicates. The journey step still hasn’t completed.

it doesn’t complete for the lemurian lorestones nor the “explore the whole exiled lands” either, it is broken since ever.

That is a shame. @Tascha Help? :slight_smile:

Thank-you both for your replies. I have completed the Lemurian Lore Stones. I used a console teleport code to get “Non” for Explore the map step.

All I have left now is Giant-king lore stones and Escape the Exile Lands.

how did you do the mummy of the ring thing?

I can’t finish 10.8 Explore the entire Exiled Lands because of the The Hugh Way and the Floe don’t update when I go there. Those are far east and far west entrances to the volcano.

Turns out the Mummy of the ring is non-functional as well. I assumed it was working as I hadn’t seen anything about that event not happening.

so technically you still need it?

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