Lorestone help plz

How many giant King lorestones are there in the world

Is this journey quest broken because I think I found all 27

Hi there @Silvercoon Well interestingly enough, it seems that tht the total number of Giant-King obelisks/lorestones is is still up for grabs. For example, using the dev kit a player who was working with me on some bug testing, Alex02 discovered the following:

“If you watch this video there are 29 Giant king Obelisks. But in the devkit, only 23 locations trigger the journey step. So I assume 6 obelisks are not checked as JourneyLoreType : GiantKingObelisk .”

However while I was testing, I discovered the the following:

“Ok this is where it gets a little bit strange in terms of the findings. The source I tested with was a map from Snowhawk Clan (great interactive map too guys!) Which can be viewed here: http://snowhawkclan.org/map/
Based on this source, and assuming I havent made any errors, there is actually a total of 35 of these Giant-King lorestones. Although it should be noted that some of them, such as the first 6 on the list below, are exactly the same eg- in the starting area, but appear in multiple locations.”

So while I actually discovered a total of 35 Giant-King Obelisks spread across the map, it is quite possible that not all of them are required to actually complete the step.

Unfortunately here is where the bad news comes in Silvercoon. This is one of several Journey Steps which are currently bugged. Here is a list of all of the Journey Steps which are currently bugged:

  1. Ch8, Step 7: Discover all of the Lemurian lorestones.

  2. Ch9, Step 10: Discover all of the Giant-king obelisks.

  3. Ch10, Step 7: Equip an Epic Armour Set.

  4. Ch10, Step 8: Explore the entire exiled lands.

  5. Ch10, Step 9: Defeat the Mummy of the Ring.

While numbers 1 and 3 are both completable under certain conditions, which I am happy to discuss further with you if necessary, ‘Discover all of the Giant-King Obelisks’ is not. Well not without the aid of mods anyway.

However, the good news is that Funcom is aware of this issue, and is currently working on it. In fact it was addressed in a thread similar to this just recently:
(Giant-king lorestones journey step)

Therefore, at this point in time you are probably best to wait for a fix on this one and complete other Steps or something else. Although if you do persist with it, and do somehow manage to complete it, then please do tell how!

If you have any further questions or comments, then by all means post them Silvercoon.

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