Discover all the Obelisks journey doesn't complete

You find all the obelisks. Journey still tells you to find all the obelisks.
Not gonna bother filling out this form here, since the bug is straightforward and ancient.

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My friend and I just did this one last weekend - Giant king Obelisks and I’ve done the Lorestone one as well - still no completion note, so guessing these two are still to be fixed then.

Giant King Obelisks and lorestones worked for us, it was done last week, are you sure you got all ?

I can teleport to every location on the map room. No pylon says “unknown location”.

It is not the teleport obelisks that are meant with this quest, it is the “lorestones”.
It is just the word ‘obelisk’ that is used in an ambiguous way here, unfortunately.

No, “Discover all the lorestones” is a separate quest. I know that because my journey wants me to complete them both. They’re both active at the same time.

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There are giant king lorestones with green, blue, or red text on them, and the lemurian lorestones that show yellow/golden text.


Oops… Seems I was mistaken. Thank you!

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Spoiler Warning


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