Giant-kings obelisks journey step not completed

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

On official server 1052 I’ve attuned all obelisks and I can use all obelisks in the map room, but it did not complete the giant-kings obelisks journey step.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Attune bracelet with all giant-kings obelisks that are in the maproom in the game world

got the same problem now on #1312, its not completet but i have also checked the map room to make sure i have all.

So bug still exists

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I acknowledge this bug. Same for me.

It’s not exactly a bug, just a misunderstanding caused by Funcom using the wrong phrase. You’re not supposed to find all the obelisks, but instead all the Giant-King Lorestones.

These should be known issues. Both the obelisk journey step and the lorestone journey step are both cannot be completed at this time. I believe that the reason for this is that there are two additional “biome” zones that are mapped out, and have planned obelisk and lorestone content. Because these zones are not open, you will not be able to complete the journey steps.

I do not believe that the journey system was updated to support only the biomes that made it through to the official release.

This is incorrect. There are two Journeys. One is to find all of the Giant-King Obelisks and one to discover all of the Lemurian Lorestones. Neither can be completed because the game files have objects tagged as obelisks and lorestones that are not actually in the game yet. The only way to complete them is to play on a private server and modify the game file.

Same issue here. Can’t complete Obelisk Feat or the Lorestone one. If they put out a finished product like this and input data for future releases then maybe they should update the Feats accordingly as they go. I’m not one to run mods to fix a developer issue. On a side note for Funcom, I’m loving it so far.