Lemurian Lorestone journey step


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Has anyone else been able to complete the Lemurian Lorestone journey step? I have got all the lorestones and it has not unlocked. Looking online people seem to say that this is a bug. Tried searching for it on these forums but found no mention of it so far.


I’ve read all the lorestones listed in the wiki - also did not get the journey step completed. So either the wiki doesn’t list them all or this journey step is bugged. Should mention that I’m playing SP.


Playing online PVE-C server, I went through each of the Lemurian Lorestones as listed on the wiki (13 in total) and have not completed the Journey step.


there is a mod around on workshop fixing this, the usual way is buged right now.
I went also nuts with my stones, visiting them several mal.

Similar problem with the teleport obelisks often, it happens that they desactivate and i have to go again, atoun my bracelet again to make the tp-map work again.

After i upped now so many characters that’s i must admit i’m bit tired to run after the journey-steps, making mostly the first ones for the xp when i start a new char, but that’s mostly then. :wink:

Would also be more fun if we know for sure that they work, don’t reset, and drive us crazy ! :sweat_smile: