Lemurian Lorestones, not the great ones

So, I watched the most recent 2019 video to try and get the journey step and I noticed some interesting patterns. By the way, I’m on a PS4 not PC, as all videos I seem to find are with the PC ersion. But I digress, I went to the exact spot as in the video (see real times) and the stone isn’t there. Sure enough, 3 out of all stones don’t exist at least on the PS4. Is this possible? Is it possible that the PS4 version of this game is different than the PC version? Not just the stones but the actual names of locations are different…

It could be the video you saw was speaking about a modded server ?

Anyway what location is the one “different” ?

is happen me before lorestones not being present. I just kept coming back till i got em. I just got them for fun not going used them to obliterate all my hard work for stupid achievement mention. that one lamest part of the game. enjoy

The journey step refuses to complete. In fact, I’m looking at 3 question marks on the final chapter which won’t complete as is with my PS4, either on private, offline or official server. Something about the Mummy ring, lemurian lorestones and exploring the entire map.

there is a mummy now in king’s niche, at least you can see for one of your 3 question mark^^

Don’t use a video, few picture guide ones that work 100%.

I end up taking my own screen caps for mine, So I just pop open Photo mode when I get lost… >_>
I meant to make it a guide… just getting lazy I guess. XD

Find all Locations and Mummy of Set didn’t work last i tried them. My one character sits with last 3 left undone. =(

Maybe this little guide i wrote can help you. Spoiler Warning
Lemurian Lorestones


Hey, your page link opens to ■■■■ sites… nice on the bait and switch. I was really looking forward to finally finishing this game with all journey steps… ■■■■ is last resort, I’m playing Conan Exiles, right now.

Opens pedia page for me, so not sure on issue?

Click little # tabs to cycle thru them.

Your PC is infected, the link is working well.

I suggest you to use an antivirus to scan your system :wink:

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