Lemurian Lore stones Journey bugged?

Been searching this journey a bit. Is this still bugged? Found all 13 stones, journey won’t complete. If it is bugged, is there a work around?

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Welcome to the community. My friend I have over 1 year to do this, but since you mention it tomorrow I will try it again. Can you please inform me the category you play?
Pc, ps4, xbox?
Solo or online?
I play ps4, I will try it tomorrow in the official server that I play, pve region US.
One last thing, to finish this you must find the last stone and gain
Discover what hounds… (I don’t remember​:joy::joy::joy:). These 2 journey steps are connected.
Anyway I will inform you tomorrow :wink:.

Thanks dude. Play the PC version online. As far as discover what hounds, i don’t have that. What’s that? A journey?

I did end up completing the journey. The sword circle one i thought i hit the interact key but didn’t lol?

You don’t have discover (find out) what hounds the sanctuary? It is the last Lemurian stone west on north. You find a small island inside a lake and it has lots of bears there and ruins. I believe that you see a ghost too wearing the silent legion armor. I have to do it more than year, I will try it later on and I 'll post again.

haunt not hound. What Haunts the Sanctuary.

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@Keu25 Yes I check it, H8, Teliths Island, Sanctuary ruins. This is the location of the last Lemurian stone and if you have found all the others then you will gain 2 journey steps in the row. @Iessaioi you are very right, I apologize to both of you for my bad English :wink:. Check it m8 and tell me if it helps, thank you.
Ps, you ain’t gonna find a ghost but a statue of a warrior wearing the silent legion armor.

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