Several Journey Steps not completing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

So playing on PS4, nearing the end of the game yet I cannot complete several important journey steps. I have found and listened to 13 Lemurian Lorestones and have not got the step Discover all Lemurian Lorestones, giant king obelisks step is also not completing, and from a point of interest map and my own I cannot find any location I haven’t visited yet it still tells me to explore the exiled lands. Any assistance would be great.
If I could post images, I would post my map to confirm all locations

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Complete all prior Journey Steps
  2. Find and listen to all Lemurian Lorestones
  3. Find and listen to all Giant King obelisks
  4. Explore the entire exiled lands
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Cool I can post photos now, so here’s a few of my map, can you find anything missing?


Just looked quickly over your maps…

You’re missing Oasis Overlook. Just north of Oasis of Nekhet above Set City.

And Godsight spire, just north of Unnamed City.

There could be more as I just looked at that one map in that general area.

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Well at least that is a start thanks for the help :+1:

Here’s a map I used when I was trying to hunt down some of the jungle locations.

Heavy spoiler map, obviously, but will help with locations if you need more than those two.

After I hit those two later, if I don’t get it I will take a look though I am based in the jungle so I am fairly confident I have that area mapped. I am honestly more concerned with the Lorestones and obesilks as they are in previous chapters

Stuck on same 3 journey steps, seems no one from Fraudcom has even acknowledged this issue.
Google suggest pc players have created a mod that enables completion of these steps.
Wont be a fix for this any time soon, not due to being on vacation, simply because Fraudcom will keep players from 100% completing this rubbish as a means of player retention.

I’d of quit this pathetic excuse for a game long ago if these steps were possible

Stoner and @Bloodthirsty-BoB, does this help?

(see the thread itself with steam url in a reply below): Journey Step / Discovery bugs

Hi there, I think I have used all the maps available on the internet but I’m still having problems completing those exact three steps :confused: anyone here managed to complete them? Thanks

Try this mapHere
Disclaimer I’ve not completed it.

Thanks styxs I’ve tried that one :+1:t3: