Journey Step Question / HELP

Could you tell me if I am able to complete these next steps as I have worked hard to complete this game. But I’m hearing all sorts of things. I need to summon an avatar, explore the lands and kill the mummy of the ring be for I can walk through the wall…

But I’m hearing all 3 of these are either BROKEN or not WORKING.

Could someone at Funcom please clarify if these work or if I’m wasting my time right now.

It would be great to know, thanks

Summon Avatar works, in SP. But is turned off online. (do to issues)

Mummy of Set is not in game yet (its sorta there, but unfinished) Its not known if it will ever been dealt with. wink is about best funcom answer given.

Explore the exile lands, is hit or miss. Its technically not doable with out admin/cheating on PC. (i’ve had no luck on ps4)

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go on youtube watch the ending its suggested :wink:

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Thanks. I’ve just seen a video of someone finding the Mummy of th Ring so I will go there and see if he is there still.

Would be nice if @Funcom_Community could 100% confirm if the 3 journey Steps can be completed as if I go to do these and nothing happens I’m gonna be so annoyed, to the point I won’t play again.

My plan is to complete the game and then start again and spend even longer in the wasteland, I will not remove bracelet again lol. I just want the achievement and start again better.

So if @Hugo or @Ignasi or someone at Funcom could clarify this that would be great.

Thanks, I seen the ending, it’s not great at all but I am one of them gamers that want the achievement lol, without cheating/admin, I’ve got this far without ever using it and would really like to finish the same way lol.

Thanks for your help, hopefully @Ignasi or @Hugo can confirm these 3 steps are good to go on PS4 SinglePlayer.

Can’t wait to start again differently and try new plans. But if it’s BROKEN what’s the point.

Fingers crossed it good.

you do realize that clearing the game is not in the achievement list?

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As Sera67 said,

Avatars can be summoned in Single player or some private servers if the admin has it turned on. I believe in officials this is currently turned off.

Mummy of the Ring does not exist currently in game. He can be spawned in by admin command only, check the wiki for the code, although I know you’re trying to do this without admin commands. Currently it is not possible to get this step without admin spawn.

Explore the exiled lands was apparently fixed in a recent patch but I have not yet tested it. About three months ago I attempted to get it on PS4 but was unable to and reported the bug. Since then it has supposedly been fixed, so let me know if your able to unlock it. Do note that they added a location in the jungle (“slithering Island?”) maybe it’s the one with all the snakes as part of the fix. So don’t forget that one.

Hope this helps, and let me know how it goes.

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I did not lol. I do now, would still be cool to do all the journey Steps tho because they are there lol.

But like you said, as I’ve just checked lol all I need to do is kill something by jumping on it’s head and reach the skies of the exile lands lol.


Thanks, I will keep you posted

this one can only be done in coop and sadly you cant coop in this game.

As for staff reply. Its been brought up in streams, and forums few times… sorta. Its part of the don’t talk of it yet. (so maybe? maybe not) Judging from there last comments about Life of CE, they still have plans to fix and add more this year, and maybe more.

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