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I’m trying to complete the journey step: Explore the entire exiles lands. From the maps I’ve checked I appear to have every point of interest on the map but the step isn’t completing. I’ve also read that this journey step is bugged, is that true? If not then what are the exact requirements for this journey step? My understanding is that you have to find every POI on the map. Are there requirements beyond finding points of interest? I’m sooo close to completing all journey steps and I’d hate to skip one so any information on the subject would be appreciated.

I knew it was bugged, than a friend on the official server where I play, one day (few months ago) he told me it was fixed but you had to discover a location to re-trigger the journey step (but I already had ALL of them preventing me to try).

At current state honestly I don’t know.

Hmm, well I only just finished finding all the POIs yesterday so the re-triggering the journey step thing shouldn’t be a problem for me. I wonder of this journey step requires unmarked POIs or what. If it’s fixed then I’m missing something but from the maps I’ve seen online I appear to have them all. I’ll go back and go over it again point by point.

I did have all POIs so there is still a bug. I had to use a mod to complete the step. From my understanding from what the mod author says there’s an area where you create your character that is a requirement for this journey step, but it’s actually not an area that can be discovered. The mod simply makes this area discoverable (probably not a real word) from very far away. Anyway, this journey step is definitely still bugged.

Same issue here. I’ve triple-checked every point of interest on the map and this journey step is still up.

It took Funcom 10 months to fix the Lore-stone journey step, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one getting fixed any time soon.

Yeah, after using the mod to complete this journey step I went to get the keystone only to find out the mummy of the ring isn’t even in the game. I’ve enjoyed this game a lot, but it’s disappointing me immensely in it’s late game. At least from a single player aspect it is. I haven’t really tried the multiplayer experience yet. Anyway, it’s been a year since release and the game is still basically incomplete. Funcom needs to stop pumping out DLCs for a while and actually complete and fix the core game.

If think it could be a knew bug @BarakIII, but just in case maybe you can also write a topic in the bug section of the forum.

Or maybe ask to a community manager to change place to this one.

The ‘Explore the entire Exiled Lands’ Journey Step can be a bit temperamental. It seems that it works for some players, but not others. This may be because Funcom is actively adding in new locations, and some of them are not yet fully implemented.

Regarding the Mummy of the Ring, while he is not currently implemented, you can spawn him in manually using either the admin panel or console commands. However, he feels very weak and unfinished. My advice would be to wait for him to be implemented, as it will make for a more memorable battle.

Any recent info of this from devs lately ?

From what I’ve read on a walkthrough for CE Journey, to complete this one you need to discover every POI + every Caves + every Dungeons + Every NPCs Camps for every Factions + every Obelisk + every Lore, Giant and Lemurians + every Ruins + everything else on that triggers a marker on the ingame map.
I’ve never completed this Journey step so I don’t know how accurate what I read is… But if it is, it’s a pain in the ■■■ to complete.

Im doing the Journey first time so im intrested if this can be done or em i waisting my time ?

Entire exile lands and mummy unfinished. Basically last 2 that don’t work.

PC user can teleport to few spots and trigger one. Thou the location will be up on day.

Summoning mummy doesn’t seem work on ps4. I’ve been stuck on those last 2 for sometime.

Teleportin to " Non " triggered ‘Explore the entire Exiled Lands’ so its broken in live atm

Could some mod or admin move this to bugs ?

Its just unfinished content at this point, they’ll work like many of others soonish.

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