[PC/Bug] Endgame Journey Steps bugged

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

not all Journeysteps seem to work properly or at all:

the cold and heat resistance steps are either with a certain time spent or are just somewhat bugged. i was standing/walking around for more than 30 minutes with the heat level below the 50% mark (above for the cold) and nothing. i got the cold one through jumping into the frozen lake, still working on the vulcano one… maybe i try a lava bath…

the lorestone and giant-king stones are 100% bugged, since it seems a lot of content which is tagged as required is not even implemented yet.

the “discover the whole exiled lands” seems bugged as well, i have looked at every map currently available on the net as well as walked along the whole outer border twice and through everything inside the border.
if this need to find all the lore items, thankfully some of them aren’t even in the game anymore (well, the wiki is outdated as always).

the “mummy in the ring” seems to need a boss, which is either currently not discovered or cant be spawned without the admin menu.

and finally… yeah… a journey step that requires you to delete your SP character. slow clapslow clapslow clap

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. drink ice tea
  2. equip shadow legion armor
  3. have the mournshield equipped
  4. run around the vulcano

the lorestone and giant-king stones:

  1. download CE Editor
  2. look into the files
  3. find tags on items that aren’t in the map

discover exiled lands:

  1. create macro that teleports you across the whole map
  2. compare with every source you can find online
  3. still don’t get it to complete.
  4. spawn in every item
  5. still don’t get it to complete…

at least some information on them, if those are doable would be nice. a lot of hours were wasted by a lot of people, just to figure out that you have not fully implemented all lorestones…

Hi, same here.

Heat and cold is okay, taks time sometimes.

Giant obilisks, explore the lands and the mummy does not work at all. Thanks of a map mod I figuered out that there is es “non” Location in the south west, outside the exiled lands. This is the only one missing and this one will give you the journey step.

Make us happy and fix it asap :slight_smile:

For the heat resistance journey I just equipped an armor with heat resistance (a normal Light one, not Epic) and eat ice :smiley: You can harvest Ice in the North and eat them even if they only have a limited duration (around 10 minutes).-

the vulcano does not work. i equipped the shadow legion as well as mistmourne and have normal heat in the vulcano, was playing around for over 30 minutes, still nothing.

i had the same experience with the map mod, so stupid. the mummy works by spawning in the “animal_worldboss” or so, just not “legit”. :confused: