Journey Step / Discovery bugs

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer (never got that far so i dont know if it occures here too]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

My issue is that my Journey is bugging badly First i discovered all obelisks, can use all teleports on the map room but don’t get the journey Step but there is more the same is happening to Find all locations Journey step at least i think i got them all i checked so many maps I found on the internet and to be honest NONE of them got even as many points discovered on the map as i do and i walked through the map so often and i am pretty sure its just buggin that i don’t get the Journey Step :frowning:

Next there is a bug that you need sometimes ran around a location a thousand times (especally on Cave entrys) untill you get the Location unlocked

Reproduce Steps 1-2 are for the first (two) bug(s)
Step 3 for the last one :wink:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find all spots/Obelsiks

  2. Don’t get the Journey Step

  3. Hard to say how to reproduce this one only happens to me while i am plaing online never occured in singleplayer mode

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The problem is that the game file has a ton of things labeled as an obelisk and lemurian lorestone that are not even actually in the game. If you are on a private server there is a guide somewhere (sorry dont remember where) that tells you what to remove in the game file to get the Journey. You can’t fix it on official servers, Funcom has to do that.

I play on a privat one ^^ maybe i can find it thanks for that kinda fast answer :slight_smile: appreciate thate :slight_smile:

If i find it on my own i’ll link it here for others if someone else maybe got the link for it it would be awsome if you could link it over here too! :slight_smile:

Found it

Thanks alot!!!

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