Defeat the Mummy of the Ring

This journey step not being able to be completed should be resolved as a priority as it is really poor practice to have any kind of achievement visible that is impossible to complete.

As this has been going on for years and it would appear it is never going to be resolved (with the realise of Isle of Siptah appearing to be the current focus and the current track record in regards to this issue being on their list of things to do for years) can I suggest the journey step is removed?

Add it again when it is decided to add the boss.

Currently summoning the boss through admin panel and defeating them does not achieve the journey step for myself where as it would appear that used to be an option.

Please remove this journey step and add it back when it is implemented properly; if that ever does occur which I am doubtful of at this stage.

Every time I see one incomplete journey step that is impossible to complete it is making me want to uninstall the game permanently and avoid all of funcom’s releases on principle.

Something like this could of been managed a lot better and a long time ago, it really gives the impression that funcom don’t care?




There are two mummy characters in the admin list. You may of summoned the wrong one. I’ve done it on occasion. They’re visually identical (both Anubis styled).


Completely, 100% straight down the line agree with you tremic. This has been one of my pet gripes over the years, and I still remind Funcom about it periodically. Normally around about now I would get into a lengthy rant, but you have already covered all major points well. So I am just going to be a lazy sod and restate key points of what you said.

There we are. We can see I have worked extra hard on this post. :wink:


Yea it is about time that the Boss get’s added and fully included into the storyquest.


I’m not trying to agitate anyone here or feign ignorance, I’m legitimately curious: what is the Mummy of the Ring? I’ve never heard of it before, was it a world boss that was supposed to spawn when you completed the Keystone? :thinking:

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There left over quest bits, (pulled from PC version)

So basically if I remember right. When you used keystone or got last piece, there screen prompt about Mummy of Set coming for you. And you need to defeat it, which then gives you essence (one of things Map Maker tells you that is needed for keystone,(but can not get since Amon run off with it outside of exile lands)
You may not be able to get ring, but instead get essence.

Something like that… RRRRRRRR I would say 2019? or 2020 one of Patches update some of info. (which is were PC player found more on it) So there was glimmer of Hope the Dev team didnt truly forget it.

Asked several times myself. They havn’t budge. Same as Discover all Locations… (which require Ghosting/Admin Mode out into desert beyond wall.


Ahhh, okay. Sounds cool! I’d go for it’s inclusion. Weird to me that there’s also a Journey Step that involves a location beyond the Ghost Wall :thinking: Guess it’s a leftover relic of ambitious development plans falling through, or something?

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One Mummy to rule them all
One mummy to bind them…

Wait, that’s not right


Its Opening intro area (were Conan cuts you from cross) From some reason its flag as area you need to visit for journey step. =/

But doesn’t count during opening. XD

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Visit all locations in the Exiled Lands, this journey step can now be completed. And you don’t need an admin panel for that.

No agitation perceived either SamsonHF, just a legitimate question posed by an inquisitive mind.

Just to expand a bit upon what Sera67 has already shared. This refers to the penultimate Journey Step fro the Exiled Lands:

Chapter 10, Step 9: Defeat the Mummy of the ring.
Description: So it comes to this – Thoth Amon, lord of the Black Ring, is the one who imprisoned you in the Exiled Lands. He seeks the artefacts that you have gathered and he is sending his black servant to collect them. Destroy the Servant of the Ring, by any means necessary.

As such, this makes the Mummy of the Ring our unofficial final boss for the Exiled Lands. It was originally intended that we would need 7 artifacts to remove the Bracelett (as The Archivist will tell us), and when the first 6 were placed in the Chaosmouth Altar, the Mummy, who carries the seventh would spawn in and attempt to claim them.The Mummy is Thoth Amon’s servant/conjuration. Unfortunately, after all of this time he still has not been implemented into the game. However, for now we can still create the Keystone using only 6 so that people may complete the story, and re-roll if they wish to in the meantime.

Now with that said, it is possible to face the Mummy of the Ring now under the right circumstances. To do so, you need to have access to the Admin Panel. You will have to spawn him in using the code Wildlife_Storyboss. However, I do offer the following :Caution: He feels VERY weak and is clearly unfinished in his current state. He only has less than 1500 health (less than the average T4 human fighter), and only the most rudimentary 1 hit sword strikes. He cannot do combos, and currently has no unique powers or special attacks. So it will be a very disappointing showdown. However, killing him will log the Journey Step as completed, and give you the Essence of the Serpent Ring.

I have also heard that it is possible for him to spawn organically in an undead Purge on the eastern side of the Frozen North. However I cannot confirm this from personal experience. Furthermore, it is the same unfinished version which mentioned which will spawn.


I agree we need the mummy. Its like a nice shiny new bathroom reno that you spend 10s of thousands of dollars on, and then you notice an outlet doesnt have a cover…


I can comfirm the frustration when I collected lore stuff to create the keystone and to complete all journey steps (which in still left with 2, this one and getting out of exile land which i cannot do without deleting my character) only to realize I cant even get the journey step, nor fight the mommy. just have key stone that i cannot really use. (im playing on official server on pc)

I did encounter him in a purge once on ps4 to the north west of the circle of swords along the mountains.

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No they said they will still add and improve el and try to balance the focus once siptah has truly gone through the list of change ect. And it was 4 dungeon as Dagon, warmaker, wine cellar, ? That one I don’t know nothing about as I will say they said they were wanting to finish the main story but it’s a priority over want. Last I checked the final dungeon was a. Gallmans tomb b. The crack in wall/floor in unnamed city but no real sources at least not now as I have to find that info year+ later or I would give it to you

No don’t fight the mommy

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