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Hi guys, i have been grinding out my journey steps and finally found one that’s confusing me. i watched a YouTube video from last year so i know he is in the game. i’m looking to complete the J step Defeat the mummy of the ring. is he something you have to defeat in a purge or does he just show up randomly? i went to the place in the red city shown in the video but only found that giant snake and other people have said on the web that he can show up in other places randomly. please tell me he is still in the game? i have the key stone and putting the items in the altar apparently triggers him.

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That video probably just admin-spawned him in the game…

There is currently nothing in the game, which will grant you this journey step (and never was!).

Lets hope that Funcom will add this dungeon this year.

really? now i’m bummed, why is there the j step if there was never a completion for it then? i was so hyped to complete the j steps! :sob: :sob: :sob:

There is also a journey step to “visit the whole map”. That thing was also unable to complete and only “fixed” with latest update.

So there is hope.

PS.: I dont know if Xbox has sth like the PS4 “platin trophy” and that sort, but you dont need to complete the journey for the achievment. And you dont get any trophy from completing it.


It may have been the video by JustHorse? Either way, The Mummy of the Ring is not currently implemented in the game, and he is slated to be implemented as additional content at a later date. You can still battle The Mummy of the Ring if you have Admin access on your game. However, he feels VERY weak and unfinnished in his current state, having only the most rudimentary attacks and an absolutely miniscule health pool. My advice would be to simply wait for his grand appearance and have a truly memorable showdown. Although, if you are otherwise about to hang up your adventuring gear for good, I can provide the Admin code for you upon request…

I also said in the last thread regarding this issue that was going to politely keep on Funcoms case about getting our final Journey Step up an running this year. @Ignasis or @Hugo, are you able to tell us if he will make his appearance sometime later this year…? :crossed_fingers:


i saw Justhorse’s video listed but went instead to Dark Miss’s video as it was more recent, posted Jan 2019. it is sad that what i saw was an undisclosed admin spawn that they treated as an actual in game feature. as i play on an official server i don’t have admin rights so i will have to wait as patiently as i can for its offical release. please FUNCOM don’t make us wait forever im not a patient gamer at the best of times :rofl:.

thank you Croms_Faithful for your responce :slight_smile:

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I feel youre pain UnbreakableMare. Given his position on the Journey system, he should make for a nice final Boss battle. I just want him in the game so that we can have ALL of the Journey Steps up and running. I mean we can always and more in the way of new snd challengung bosses after him, he does not need to be the last one out the door.

While we have little in the way of information on The Mummy of the Ring at this point, I have put a couple of scraps together in this thread quite recently if you are interested in some vague information and some of my own wild speculation.

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Hello @UnbreakableMare, unfortunately, we have nothing to announce in this regard at this time.

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