Conan Exiles the mummy of the ring confusion

Awhile ago i beat Conan Exiles and The Mummy of the ring and did a video on it. I had mods running at the time but I was not using a mod to add The Mummy in(to my knowledge anyway) nor did i spawn him in or anything else related to the bracelet quest or finishing the game. I am unsure of how i got him to appear? I thought it was part of the vanilla base game and i had just followed the steps correctly to have the mummy in the game. If anyone knows how i got him to appear with mods or otherwise please let me know… This seems to be causing a confusion among me and my friends as well as people who have watched my video.


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At least one mod has put that npc into the game.

The mod Exiled Land Improved has replaced a Smake boss in the Arena or Unnamed Cotywith the Mummy of the Ring

… any chance you were using that mod then?

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