Several Siptah Related Questions

  1. Will the Mummy of the Ring be making his grand appearance in this upcoming Isle of Siptah expansion?

  2. Will there be any additional Crom weapons or features included in this expansion? :mountain_snow: :metal:

If you would cannot, or for that matter would prefer not to answer then I understand. Just tell us we will have to look for ourselves. Thanks.

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Based on the trailer, it appears this is a separate game. Is that the case?

It is the Map Expansion. Seperate body of land though by the look of it.

Sounds like this might be a separate game. New thralls, new resources, and new creatures. So will anything we have in game now work with the expansion?


They are calling it an expansion… but really its a whole new game in disguise… your character can’t explore the new map… you start from scratch… its basically Conan 2: Isle of Siptah

Really its conan 2? Kind of lame I was hoping for more.

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I wonder if our character in Siptah will posess all, or some of the Feats we have available and have unlocked in the Exiled Lands?

Since its an island, do we get some kind of boats or water-related- travel? How big will be the new map? Are there other fast-travel options like the obelisks? And last but not least: Is it related to the lore of the exiled lands? Thank you in advance!

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Your article seems to explain better than the official guys are saying so far. It seems really dumb not to connect the maps like WOW and GW2.

NPCs by portal?? How would your new character know to contact your guy in the Exiled Lands to borrow an NPC?? It would be easier to unlock the bracelet and have your character enter the new map. Or start with a new character.

From my understanding, it isn’t a whole new game client. All it is, is a new separate Map. A game server can only run 1 map at a time, so dedicated servers have to choose which map to host. Since it is a separate database, you start fresh on the new map, but the old database on the old map remains to be booted up in the future.

It makes sense that they would do something like have old NPCs available via portal. This keeps them from having to create a whole new set of named NPCs just for the island, while ignoring all those they have created before, and keeps with the story for why this named dude from the Exiled Lands is now on the island.

It will be a lot of fun to start fresh again.

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It is a new map with a new database. And only one map per server. So you start fresh and it is a good thing!


There is a really good trailer on this site folks which showcases some snippets of new biomes, mounts, building and other mechanics. Enjoy!


I am excited!

In a nuthsell, no:

And for everyone who is confused about why they call it “expansion” instead of a new game: remember Brood War? If not, look it up.

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What this is closer to is what sports fans get yearly, a slightly tweaked and updated rosters. The rosters in this case are new monsters, and the tweaks seem to be a cleaner coded game (due to the knowledge they gained from coding CE for 5 years). Basically it is an upgrade, but not enitrely “new” game. For 19.99 it is a waaaayyyyy better deal than shilling 60 dollars like sports games make you do yearly for the same concept of upgrading.

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Oh wow Starcraft: Broodwar, one of if not the best RTS game ever made :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :sparkling_heart: :boom:
I remember back in late 90’s where my neighbor and me had a network cable running between our apartments having 3-4 players in each team(apartment), we had some serious battles and sometimes played +24 hours at a time :crazy_face: :rofl:
My neighbor and his team usually all played protoss, while we usually always had at least 1 zerg and terran which are a deadly to protoss when attacks were combined the right way, our strategy usually paid off much better especially on low resource maps - I never really played much of the campaigns, but using custom maps in team based multiplayer was the best thing about it… Oh those memories :kissing_closed_eyes:


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