Journey Steps Help

need some help with journey steps. specifically these 2:

1: Discover all the acheronian obelisks…having a hard time finding them all… would be nice to know A) how many there are in total and B) how many i’ve already discovered
2: Defend against a Maelstrom. so i’ve been inside a maelstrom fighting off its monsters for the entire duration of it…that doesn’t seem to be it as it didn’t complete that journey step…not sure what i’m supposed to do there.

any help is appreciated.

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I have only found 1 acheronian obelisk and it is near the bat vault (on the outside).

I found one near the Dark Tower and one in the city of X’chotl (but I don’t remember where exactly).

As you might surmise, I have not completed this journey step either.

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