List for anniversary items?

Do we know what’s in the bags? I’ve been opening bags for 3 days now and all i got was a living shard, wicker helmet, and bee logo sweater.

We don’t. If we go by previous similar items, it’s probably mostly cosmetics. I don’t mind. It will be a surprise! (Until someone opened all of them and posts a list…)

I know @Vomher is busy working on a guide for the event so perhaps that will include what they’ve found so far for event drops?

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I know this so far:
Genizahs can drop:

  • Anniversary flowers (by god can they drop flowers)
  • Bee Logo sweater
  • Hatekeeper summoning Shards + Talos of Gaia #11
  • Museum Shards (all kinds except Solar)
  • Distillates
  • Animated Particulates for making shems
  • more?

Hatekeeper bags can drop:

  • Amalgamated Assault Automaton
  • Balloons
  • The Dapper Buzz, Faction Colored clothing parts
  • Wicker bee helmet
  • Distillates
  • more?

The Beehemoth bag can drop:

  • Beehemoth Slayer title (Guaranteed on first bag opening)
  • Amalgamated Assault Automaton
  • Balloons
  • distillates
  • more?

Pinatas can drop once per day:

  • Honey drops, honey sticks, candy chews candy
  • Weapon skin: Whammo! Baseball bat
  • more?

All day, Pinatas can drop:

  • Anniversary flares
  • Anima shards

Daily Buzzing Hive

  1. Party Hat 2018
  2. Buzzed title
  3. Make It Rain Confetti emote
  4. Bee Tee
  5. Leather Gloves, Yellow
  6. Sweetling title, Beehive x5
  7. Canvas sneakers high-top, yellow and black
  8. Military beret, yellow
  9. Cat ears headset, yellow with black
  10. Confetti Trail sprint
  11. 2000 Anima Shards

What I’ve gotten so far from Spoils of Hallowed Earth (from The Gatekeeper): Honeycomb t-shirt, faction colored; Wicker bee helmet; infused dress shoes, faction colored (that’s the Dapper Buzz set).

I think, although I’m not 100% positive, that the lunar shard museum piece can drop from the Talos raid bag; don’t believe I’ve seen, nor heard, of any cosmetics from those, though.

Day 2 title is Buzzed.

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Yes, Lunar shards come from Silver Talos Genizah, and the Bee Logo sweater comes from Genizahs also–I assume (but cannot personally confirm) that the Bee Tee also comes from Genizahs.

Ohhh, duh, that’s right; I did hear about a sweater from the Genizah bags, I just completely forgot.

It’s hard to see 'em through that haze of pollen :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Lunar shards drop from Talos bags. I didn’t take note of the golem I fought just now, but I got a Lunar shard from the bag. I don’t think it was the silver one though.

Waht about Talos of Rage? or does that have a 1% drop rate like in TSW?

If someone has datamined that information, they certainly aren’t posting it here.

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Hess got the bee tee from GM Rooibos I believe. via announcement in discord.

“Bee Tee” is a different T-Shirt from the, what, I think I’ve seen it called Apiversity? The one in GM shirts. Two different shirts.

Anyone know how to obtain the “Confetti trail” sprint ? (it’s not the confetti from eating one of the candies)

The pink/purple swirly “arcane arrows” sprint can be bought outright for 1000 aurum.

The [Apiculturist’s souvenir t-shirt, yellow] is one of the GM-shirts indeed.

So you can’t get the Apiculture shirt through bags? I feel slightly relieved that there’s one less item I need to grind for

I just got the Bee Tee from the 4th Daily Buzzing Hive

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Really REALLY wish the Whammo Bat was guaranteed…sucks only having a chance once a day to get it. Got it on an alt, would love it on my main…not to mention I haven’t gotten Any other random drops so far - Wicker/Shirt/Sweater/Etc. I did get 2 GM Shirts and the Legends Shirt tho, so I guess it isn’t a total wash so far.

where can we get shem of rage?

Someone asked Andy on discord earlier, and he wouldn’t give any answers. So it seems that the way to get it is still coming up. Possibly one of the daily reward hives.

Yes! It’s out as of yesterday, in fact! I’m updating it as we learn new things.