Thoughts on the Rage Shem

People have been asking if anyone seen the Rage Shem drop or if its bugged. Others have said that GM’s report it as working as intended. Back in TSW the Rage Shem or as it was known the Shem of Seething Sliver which dropped from the Spoils of the Hollowed Earth. Now either the drop rate is extremely low or theres a gimmick. This makes me think that there might be a drop mechanic like the Icy Claws from Hel. Now it could just be in one of the future Buzzing Hives but we shouldn’t count on it. So I made this thread so we could brainstorm and discuss potential drop mechanics.

One thing that came to mind is I thought it was strange that one of the Buzzing Hives gave you a set of placeable Bee Hives. So my idea is to place one during the Gatekeeper fight and try to get that flaming line he throws out to land on it. He already has one set of bees attacking him, now imagine angry flaming bees attacking him. That might induce some Rage in him, heh.

So anybody else have any thoughts or ideas?

I read on the DIscord that A GM answer that rage is not avalaible for this event but for an another. It’s very strange :thinking:


Gee two GM’s with different info, now there’s a shocker…:joy: :crazy_face: :thinking:

Usually it’s silence > working as intended > oops! > fixed


At the end of the Gatekeeper fight when he cools down, he shoots the angry shards out. The shards run around and can be killed. I thought maybe the Shem of Rage could drop from those but someone out there would have found it if that were the case.

Laying my bet on it being a beehive reward.


Back in TSW those angry shards are the ones that dropped Amalgamated Assault Automaton and other items like that. The Automaton dropped from the angry tech golem and the others dropped ones related to their shem. I killed a few the first days but nothing dropped so I gave up on that.

As for the shem coming from a Buzzing Hive, that is a distinct possibility but not one we should count on. Back in TSW we only found out the Icy Claws drop mechanic shortly before the winter event was over. If it wasn’t for the ability to start that fight with Hel as often as we wanted limited only by needing to gather the summoning components many would have completely missed out on getting them.

We discovered the Icy Claws mechanic partly because we had leads. Icy Claws were dropping, we just had no idea it could be guaranteed. Then I noticed that Hel flinched, so I gathered friends to help figure out just what that meant and how to replicate it. And it turned out the flinch was something that had a pretty high probability of occurring any time a player went to get their achievement for throwing a snowball at Hel. I love the devs for the Icy Claws trick :slight_smile:

Right now, to the best of my knowledge, no one has a Shem of Rage. If there was something to discover, surely someone would have stumbled onto it without realizing what they did in the last week and a half, and we’d see a handful of Shems of Rage out there.

Anyway, if there is some trick to it, look for something that meets the same sort of criteria that the Icy Claws drop did: something new and specific to the event, maybe a little tricky to do, likely with its own incentive to try it.

Personally, I think the shem is in a beehive. And if it turns out not to be, we have just shy of three weeks to stumble into it, or a week after we’re sure, to look.


Well it doesn’t come from the Buzzing Hive, just got 2k shards out of that.

The achievement is the key here. Without it, maybe a handful of people would’ve thrown snowballs at Hel and maybe nobody would’ve figured out the mechanics.

That’s disappointing.

ALL got 2k shards today, even those who haven’t played TSW and might have all the items. We’re still thinking that today’s gift actually WAS 2k shards (or a bug), and not that we’ve run out of things to get from the hives. Guess tomorrow will reveal more.


Yeah i was kinda shocked by that. I thought it bugged since i clicked the hive just as i ported out of the instance but as you say everyone seems to have gotten the same. Seems odd being not even halfway through the event if thats it.

It feels like the shards are just to spread out the “real” rewards across the whole event, rather than have them stopping short of the end (ignoring the extra “buffer” ones).

I only say this because so far we have received a hat, head, chest, feet, and hand cosmetic, so leaving out at least legs (probably back as well, hopefully face and neck) seems like a really strange move.

But there are already shard bundles as part of the (non-Hive) daily event rewards. Makes no sense.

I remember that fight Starsmith. You gathered Arsenios and me for the fight and we tested your theory out and the Icy Claws dropped. Still one of my best moments of TSW

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Has anyone killed all the angry shards that spawn after HK is dead? maybe you need to kill once of each shard to get the rage shem

A rumor passed discord right now. Looking into it, feel free to try to:

“BREAKING NEWS: If you kill one of each of the angry shards that spawn from HK after it’s killed you get the rage shem pet”

That’s hard to test, but it fits in with my idea that it would be event specific and tricky to do, with at least some incentive to do it (they give a bit of XP and it feels good smacking those suckers around). Much trickier than making Hel flinch for sure.

that sounds very hard to achieve

Definitly. And so far it only is a rumor …so we don’t even know if it’s true or someone pulling our leg…

I don’t think, that you can get the Rage Shem at the HK. The pets menu says as a source “The Talos of Gaia” which points to the Golem fight instance.

I did some testing there and tried to spawn one of the Automatons there and got the message “It would be a waste to use it here.”
Then I tried to spawn my Agitated Shard and I got another message: “Nothing happens”. So maybe that is a hint, that the Shards play an important role.

My theory is now that the Shards have to be spawned during the fight with the corresponding golem. So the Agitated Shard had to be spawned at the Magma Golem. Unfortunately I have to wait for the test another 5,5 hours.

But maybe someone else wants to try before me :wink: