Is Shem of Rage part of the event?

So everyone keeps saying you only get 11 shems from the hour boss overall, is shem of rage not included? I count 12 that says they come from this event including shem of rage, obviously seems like shem of gold is not

10 shems are currently confirmed, the shem of tech seems to be buggy, the shem of rage was from the gatekeeper in tsw and is currently unknownand the shem of gold is currently unknown and was linked I believe to the golden week event.

There are quite a lot of the daily beehives yet. It may be in one of those.

What’s going on with the shem of tech?

Technically it should drop like the other shems but for quite a lot of people it currently doesn’t. Since it’s weekend the devresponse is a little slow but it will be inquired as soon as possible.