Shem of Technology not unlocking


I killed every Talos at least once, the Talos of Technology definitely at least twice, proably more. I’ve farmed a ton of [Animated Particulate]s and every 5 of them, unlocked a new Shem pet. I now have the following 10 Shems in my pet inventory:
Clay, Concrete, Frost, Magma, Sand, Silver, Stone, Swarms, Verdancy, Water

Earlier today, I got another set of 5 [Animated Particulate]s and right-clicked them. Sadly, instead of getting the 11th Shem of the set (Shem of Technology), all I got was a measly 1,000 Anima Shards.

I asked people in #Sanctuary and on the official Discord about this and could not find a single person who a) was not a TSW veteran and b) had obtained the Shem of Technology. Several people told me that they, too had all 10 Shems, had killed all 11 Talos’, and had gotten 1,000 Anima shards instead of TechShem after that.

It appears that only the TSW veterans have the Shem of Technology, as that one was carried over for some reason.

I filed a Petition and a GM responded (really fast \o/) and told me that, as far as they can tell, Shem of Technology is supposed to unlock just like the other 10. Said GM then asked me to post here about this issue, as it appears to be a bug.

I would greatly appreciate this being fixed so my Golem Family can be complete and dance happily in Mr. Sonnac’s office. Wait, don’t tell him I said that!

Cheers, Eupheme


May wanna fuse with this thread^^

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Hm, the GM told me this was undocumented and to please make a post about this issue specifically. Maybe they missed the other one because of the title?
Also, I was told specifically to file a bug report, not a question/suggestion in the general forum. But surely, this link will help any Devs looking into it! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I have had the same problem with the tech shem. Fought all the talos, got all 10 other shems, but now my animated particulate just turn into anima shards.

Oddly enough I got the Tech Shem before ever killing the Tech Talos.

Could be that another bug is going around with it. Or that it’s part of the issue…

Are you a TSW veteran? Is it possible that you didn’t get the Tech Shem from a Particulate, but already had it and just didn’t notice? It would seem that a whole ton of TSW veterans got Tech Shem carried over accidentally.

This has already been adressed. People without the Tech Shem had the problem, too.

I’m a TSW veteran but I didn’t have Shem of Technology because I never acquired it over there. I’m currently facing the same 10/11 issue. All Talos killed, 10 Shems already, further uses giving shards.

Vet, yes, but the tech shem never carried over.

Curiouser and curiouser!

Twice now, I have received 1,000 shards instead of a Shem of Technology.
Here is my proof:
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My understanding is that the Patchwork Mecha-Man pet, which did carry over from TSW transfers, was renamed into the Shem of Technology. So if you had that pet, you should now have the Tech Shem instead. If you didn’t have it, you’ll need to wait for the devs to add it to the crafting list.

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Same issue. Never had the tech golem from TSW. Don’t have it in SWL. I have gotten all the rest but tech and now everytime I try I get anima shards.

Same issue. Got 10 Shems except of the Technology and Rage ones. Just converted 5 Animated Particulates and, it seems, even didn’t receive the shards.

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I’m another that didn’t get the Technology or Rage Shem, just the 1,000 anima shards. :confused: Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.

Same issue, Gold Rage and Tech are shy to come !

hey - same issue here. I raised a petition for it yesterday and got reply below from the GM team. They are aware and looking into it it looks like.

(I didn’t collect the Tech shem pet in tsw at the time.)


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There’s been an update on the Shem of technology, announced via discord, and linking to this post Shem of Technology Fixed!


Just tried a couple hours ago and still not getting a Shem of Technology. Second time I converted five Animated Particulates into a thousand anima shards.